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... Have not posted in awhile. I had a leep about 3.5 months ago. I went in for me follow up PAP last Friday Oct 2. I was wondering what the recurrance rate was after a LEEP? ... (11 replies)
... c I will wait for a recurrance before jumping to conclusions about that. ... (11 replies)
... success rate comes in and extra paps must be done each year after to be sure it doesn't come back. ... (11 replies)

... effective. I too had moderate dysplasia and had leep last year.I had another abnormal pap but I have hpv. I am going today to have colposcopy and biopsy. ... (11 replies)
... After my first laser treatment to remove abnormal cells, it took 4 years for them to return. I have just had a leep carried out earlier this year. ... (11 replies)
... birdie74-please, please, keep in mind your immune system/ sleeping habits/ diet has a major role in this whole "thing". I hope you have the time to pamper yourself :). Take some time for some R%R. I'm sorry you find yourself in this stressfull period, but , do rest assure, they say if you keep up with your doc's app. and avoid stressful situations, eat well, sleep well,... (11 replies)
... I would ask your gyno before trying. Also, ask if they feel your cervix is strong enough to carry to term and what your chances are of ending up on bed rest. Knowing this can help you prepare by saving up money if you won't be able to work towards the end of your pregnancy. Good thing you've been taking vitamins since you're planning on getting prego. Maybe now you can... (3 replies)
... now on to the questions. I have read on this board that several patients have been told to wait 6 months after a LEEP to try to conceive. Has anyone on here gotten pregnant prior to the 6 month mark and had a normal pregnancy? ... (3 replies)
... Anyways, I'm waiting on my insurance to clear this GYN that my PCP has referred me to for the LEEP procedure. ... (7 replies)
... severe dysplasia, etc., on the recurrance of it. I have been reading the boards and have not found anything. Thanks for your input. ... (9 replies)
... my next appointment is not until march, yet I am already tied up in knots. My first pap after leep came back normal, the march appt will be my second follow up. ... (5 replies)
... That group is out if their mind!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about all the girls who are raped and contracted this disease? Rape is not the will of God nor is it Gods will that a girl/boy live with a disease due to some pervert rapist. Are they thinking of girls and boys who could be subjected to rape? ANY vaccine for the greater good/well being of human kind IS a blessing. If there was... (11 replies)
... I'm very excited to hear about the vaccine, at least for young women who haven't gotten it yet...but did you also hear about a religious conservative group that was trying to ban it? Because it was God's will... :confused: Ignorance is still in abundance! I'm wondering and waiting for the cure to those of us who already have it... (11 replies)
... I just checked on the national cancer institute web site about cervical cancer and HPV. It say's there's 100 different DNA types of HPV. Some types cause regular warts on the skin such as hands and you can't catch that type of warts from people, etc., but some DNA types of the HPV virus are sexually transmitted. They also, said that all of the HPV types that cause genital... (11 replies)
... She posted that 2 years ago... I wonder what is going on now... It would be interesting to hear from someone that went through this that long ago and to see what has happened since then. (11 replies)
... hi, i have had a leep cone biopsy for cin 111, which is sometimes called AIS, i had this done in February this year, i had pm, on an afternoon off, but was fine for work the next day, had bleeding for a week,approx, and told to abstain from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks. It didnt hurt but was uncomfortable, and took approx 30 minutes as also had biopsies taken. |When... (29 replies)
... unless the recurrance is mild... ... (17 replies)

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