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... A LEEP procedure does not compromise fertility and the cervix fills in the missing tissue over time. MANY repeat LEEP procedures may, however, compromise the cervix. ... (2 replies)
LEEP Procedure
Oct 24, 2006
... t worry, the LEEP is not a big deal at all. Tell your doc to give you a Valium or other oral sedative if you like. ... (7 replies)
Leep diathermy
Oct 8, 2007
... On my first smear I was query invasive CIN3, went on to have LEEP which confired CIN3 with unclear margins. Four months later I had a check up smear, which came back CIN3. ... (1 replies)

... Hey there K2626, If you are having a LEEP done it's because your biopsy came back positive for moderate/severe dysplasia or possibly (and please don't let this scare you) cancer in-situ on the cervix. Your doctor should've told you why the procedure is being done. I would definitely find out. I believe the "margins" are the areas around the infected area. If they are... (8 replies)
... CIN III, clear outer margins, positive endo margins. My doctor said many women have to have a repeat LEEP in this situation, but luckily my 3 month pap and ECC came back normal. The waiting is definately the hardest part of this procedure! ... (10 replies)
... Not sure if LEEP would feel different for those of us who have already had children but it really was no issue for me. No pain or discomfort and no cramping. ... (3 replies)
... I just had the leep too, for high grade lesion. Felt the sticks were uncomfortable as well, but that the leep was not that bad after all. I was told the same thing your dr told you. ... (10 replies)
... the acetic acid applied showed that the larger area previously biopsied was high up into the cervical os, and requested the G.O. to make sure a LEEP was still possible. The G.O. ... (7 replies)
... The LEEP and the CKC are pretty much the same procedure. They are both "cone biopsies" of the cervix. ... (1 replies)
... Waiting for the results was extremely difficult for me too. In comparison, the procedures are a breeze! Heck, I'd have a LEEP done every month if it was all that was needed to keep this away!!! ... (13 replies)
... CIN1. My doctor is recommending that I have LEEP strictly based on the amount of time this has been going on. ... (1 replies)
... I knew beforehand that I wasn't going to do a LEEP soon as I'm doing a health regimen with my naturopathic doctor, but I was just curious to see what different docs would recommend for my dysplasia. ... (0 replies)
May 3, 2016
... I have not had much luck with getting my doctor to explain my results of my LEEP procedure in words that I can understand. ... (0 replies)
... to determine if LEEP was sufficient treatment. ... (80 replies)
... Then I just had my repeat. My gyn at VA in Atlanta wants to just do a repeat pap. I have had 3 abnormal paps this year and have had a leep procedure. I also found out that I do have the HPV strand they just arent sure which one it is. ... (6 replies)
... i also had adenocarcinoma in citu which did not ha ve cler margins on the path report, i have the option to do another LEEP or a hysterectomy, i choose hysterectomy si nce i am finished having children, i am only 25 but my husband and i decided after our last he was it. ... (6 replies)
... ave a few questions. first I would like to introduce myself. I am a 33 yr. old single mom with a wonderful 5yr. old son. My story is April 2007 I had to have a leep procedure done and it came back as moderate to severe when I went back in October for my 6 month pap it came back normal and negative ofr High Risk HPV. ... (5 replies)
... Anyhow, I did speak with them since my doc or his nurse hasn't called me back with regards to having a repeat pap sooner than the 1 year he is suggesting. BTW....he uses the ThinPrep test. ... (2 replies)
... My dr. left me a short and sweet message this afternoon with results from my LEEP earlier this month. ... (5 replies)
... to nonexistent. If there are still a few stray abnormal cells left in your cervix, your immune system will probably take care of them. Your doctor has ordered a repeat PAP in a few months just to make sure that they clear up. ... (5 replies)

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