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Repeat Cone Biopsy
Mar 10, 2011
... I underwent a repeat cone biopsy 3 days ago, regarding High grade CGIN. ... (0 replies)
... At the time of the colp he did biopsy 4 spots but before he did that also repeated the PAP. I have always REALLY liked this gyn, and we all know how hard those are to find! ... (30 replies)
... He is doing the cone on 5th Dec and said that is normally all that is needed, but that sometimes it comes back and so procedure repeated. ... (18 replies)

... The ECC can be unreliable, but from what I understand, it's pretty darn reliable in detecting invasive cancer, and is when repeated every few months as part of standard follow up, it's good at catching abnormalities before they become invasive. ... (45 replies)
... Am waiting for my results from the biopsy the doc took last week, have another week to wait. He said before he even did the biopsy that I would need a cone biopsy. Have read up on that and I am fine with it, but just concerned why I have gone from a normal clear reading to CINIII in 3 years? ... (18 replies)
... Top Hat on Monday. He repeated my colpo while I was there. He didn't really say much,though he was VERY thorough in reviewing my medical history and family history. ... (30 replies)
Repeated Leeps
May 3, 2006
... They sometimes put women under for LEEP in the USA, but generally they don't. However, are you sure you're having a LEEP and not a cone biopsy? ... (7 replies)
... have a 7mo and my pap after birth showed abnormal. My Ob thought it was just from the birth and repeated it and yet again abnormal. I was amazed since I never had one like that before. ... (4 replies)
... with ECC and Endometrial Biopsy also, CKC margins were involved ...everything else was clear but still AIS. ... (4 replies)
... blibbet, yes, the first step was a LEEP. I was unable to get clear margins, so I went on to have a large cone biopsy. That also could not get clear margins, so hysterectomy was the next step. ... (7 replies)
... If this doctors believes you had cancer, then why hasn't he referred you to a gyn/onc?! Considering your age, and your test results (the LEEP which identified the AIS, a colpo and a clean ECC), they it might be safe to say that the original doc got all of the lesions. An ECC isn't perfect, just as a pap isn't, but I'd say an ECC is more likely to be accurate than a... (9 replies)
... ny biopsies. "Just to check" she did an ECC to check the endocervical canal. It came back adenocarcinoma in situ. Two weeks after the colpo I had a cold knife cone biopsy. It came back adenocarcinoma Ia1. ... (33 replies)
... I am getting more scared the more I research and learn about this. I had a baby in August and had a pap one month after and it came back abnormal so I repeated it and again abnormal. I had a colposcopy and then a cone biopsy since AIS was found as well as squamous cells on the cervix. ... (6 replies)
... is my second cold knife cone biopsy at day surgery. ... (20 replies)
... I just wanted to add that I had a similar experience. I had an abnormal pap that was ASCUS, followed by an immediate biopsy which confimed Moderate dysplasia. ... (8 replies)
... multiple procedures, and can have a much bigger impact on your future fertility and your life!! CIN 1 and 2 can sometimes reverse itself, but since you have had repeated procedures and it keeps recurring, it looks like your body just isn't fighting off what's going on. ... (3 replies)
... that sometimes they do the cone and it comes back with a more serious result than the original biopsy? ... (18 replies)
... I had my cone biopsy on Tuesday and hysterectomy on Wednesday. I stayed in the hospital until Friday at 6pm. I couldn't stand it any more. ... (20 replies)
... ed out. About a year and a half ago my pap came back abnormal, then I had the colposcopy, the results were also abnormal or mild dysplasia. Then 6 months later I repeated and same results. They will leave it alone to see if it clears up on its own, 2 of my friends had the same abnormal pap and theirs went away within 6 months. ... (4 replies)
... This questions is for Pickle Eyes...I think I've read every post you've ever written so far! I too have gotten an AIS result from a colposcopy and biopsy. You say in your post that glandular abnormalities aren't usually found by paps because only squamous cells are on the outer cervix. I have a spot - able to be seen through colposcopy - on my cervix that my regular OBGYN... (9 replies)

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