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... e heard in some cases it is not as bad as originally thought, and of course it is sometimes worse than originally thought. I recall my first abnormal pap in 2005 came back LGSIL. ... (4 replies)
... years ago, after a routine pap came back with mild displasia, my doctor found an exterior cervical lesion... ... (3 replies)
Biopsy results
May 10, 2006
... biopsy came back with mild abnormalities. ... (3 replies)

... which is strange. My dr said I just needed to come back in 3 months and have another colpo due to this discrepancy. In the meantime I got married and was away on honeymoon etc. ... (1 replies)
... It came back CIN 3, "urgent biopsy recommended" . Urgent, it turns out was a three week wait for the public clinic as I didn't have private cover at the time. ... (0 replies)
... But they scheduled me in the next day in late May. I had a colposcopy, and she took 2 biopsy samples. Doctor confirmed that I had HPV. ... (3 replies)
... The brown discharge is normal I think. They put some stuff on the part they biopsy to stop bleeding. I think that eventually is what comes out. ... (11 replies)
... i had a pap smear about 2 months ago and i hadnt had one in 3 years... when my results of this one came back abnormal i was so scared. I ended up having the severe dysplasia also.. mine was called CIN III which is the worst before cancer. ... (1 replies)
... in november i had my first abnmormal pap, i had a punch biopsy and colposcopy,w hich came back clear. ... (11 replies)
... Hi! I got my results from my cone biopsy last night after waiting 4 weeks with the xmas break inbetween too.. it was cin3 and has been removed with clear margins, phew.. but I do need to have another colposcopy in 4 months and a smear too to check again. ... (13 replies)
... I went in to the doc because of abnormal menses and for an annual exam. Because of the bleeding, he chose to do an ultrasound and endometrial biopsy to rule out any problems there. The results of that came back clear, but the pap came back showing atypical glandular cells. ... (17 replies)
... approval checkup for the Mirena IUD. The results suggested "possible high grade squamous epithelial cells". This came as quite a shock to me, as to date I have been fairly regular with my tests, and the rest had all come back with clear results in the past. ... (3 replies)
... and I've always had good paps. I had my pap in December. My results came back in January. Pap was good, HPV was positive for high risk HPV. ... (10 replies)
... m new on this board and am here to share my trachelectomy story. In 2010 I started getting abnormal pap smear results from the doc who was my gyno at the time. ... (1 replies)
... Biopsy results came back with CIN II and III with gland involvement. Crap. I was crushed. I needed LEEP ASAP. Went in 2 weeks, agonizing about the results. If my biopsy was worse then PAP, what will LEEP show? ... (1 replies)
... and it could be that your doctor can't tell you which stage you have until after the results of your biopsy come back. ... (6 replies)
... Last yr I suddenly had a pap come back as HSIL. Then had a colposcopy with biopsies and ended up having to have a cold knife cone done in November. ... (3 replies)
... I had to reply because my situation is exactly like yours and I am interested to know what your doctor makes of the discrepency with the biopsy and the CKC! ... (5 replies)
... I guess I am looking for someone to hold my hand while I wait for my cone biopsy result from 4 days ago, I am walking around with the black cloud of doom hanging over me while I wait. ... (17 replies)
It came back!!
Nov 15, 2004
... Well they did say there is a vaccine in the words but probably not in your doctors office until 2007. Why did he do a leep on low grade? So the colops show it was high when the pap showed it was low? That's odd but they do say that colops so the real deal. (2 replies)

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