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... my ongoing research. I see this subject mentioned quite often on this site and I think this information is important to anyone who wants to do what they can to reverse the cellular changes. In my research I learned that cigarette smoking has been implicated as a cause. ... (12 replies)
... Mild and moderate dysplasia does not always turn in to cancer. Very often, your body's immune system can reverse the process totally. This is why doctors often take a "watchful waiting" course of action with anything less than severe dysplasia or carcinoma in situ. ... (6 replies)
... The purpose of this protocol is to boost your immune system so your body can fight off the virus. My doctor had also used this on a paitent with severe dysplasia and after two rounds, the patient has been normal with no further treatments. ... (1 replies)

Appointment #1
Mar 3, 2009
... Dragonfly -- the only possible thing I can think my doctor was talking about regarding the pill and HPV progression is that they think there are other effects of oral contraceptives that can increase one's chances for dysplasia, such as the high levels of estrogen it creates or the folic acid and B vitamins it depletes. The cold knife cone was suggested (even though my... (8 replies)
Jun 18, 2007
... Consulting a naturopathic doctor to get vaginal suppositories with vitamins and herbs to reverse dysplasia. ... (8 replies)
... II dysplasia and god I was freaking out to the max..I surely hope to have kids in the future. ... (40 replies)
Cin 1
Jul 21, 2010
... I've never heard of using hormones to reverse dysplasia. I'll have to go read about that. Maybe it is a new treatment option. ... (3 replies)
... diet, and take some vitamin supplements hoping to reverse the metaplasia, with especially lots of folic acid. ... (2 replies)
... Shadow, that's great news! Does your doctor have any thoughts on what you should do in between paps to maybe help with the chances of recurrence of abnormal results? Like for example - Dr. Weil suggests taking 2mg of Folic Acid daily all the time if you have a history. Congratulations on the great news though! (21 replies)
... :bouncing: Good news! Just got my pap results and either the vitamin and mineral regimen worked or my body did it on it's own but the results were NORMAL! Now I've been going back and forth for a while from normal to abnormal but my doc says I can go for a six month pap next time and if we're back to abnormal, we'll just do the regimen again. It's a pain but I'd rather... (21 replies)
... Hi all, Just some links I found: (Serenity, I think it's vitamin A you were thinking of that can cause issues with bone density - it's mentioned briefly at the bottom) REMOVED (21 replies)
... Duckeeduck - Thanks so much for your very, very kind post. This is very difficult and I've got a feeling it's just going to get worse! Serenity - I agree, using vitamins and minerals on your own without doing a TON of research is not a good idea. That's why I strongly recommended in earlier posts to find a doctor who could and would guide you in this if you're... (21 replies)
... Be careful with vitamins and minerals--they can be dangerous too! I can't remember which ones, but some leech calcium from women's bones (in high was either vit. a or the b groups. I'll look it up and repost. As always, to all awaiting pap results, try to relax and best wishes. (21 replies)
... Duckeeduck: I just had my follow up Pap last Wednesday and should get the results this week sometime (fingers crossed). If it's anything other than normal, my doc said I have to go back for another colposcopy which I would want to do anyway just to be sure what's going on. I guess there's no way to know if the last time that I did this regimen and my next pap was normal... (21 replies)
... Just thought I'd update this thread. After my original post I had another follow up pap three months later. It came back ASCUS. I'm back on the vitamin and mineral regimen per my doctor (high dose folic acid, cerviplex, and vitamin A) and will have another follow up pap in January. I'll post the results then. My doctor said she's hoping that through two courses of... (21 replies)
... Hey there - I am in the waiting period between an abnormal PAP and my 2nd colposcopy. I had an abnormal PAP 5 years ago, then not again til one year ago (CIN-I). I had my 1st colposcopy and 6 months later, my PAP was normal. Six months after that, its abnormal again (SIL/ASCUS). I have my 2nd colposcopy in 2 weeks but I'm trying to get myself in a healthier place and... (21 replies)
... interesting.. How long was that high folic acid regimen? I personally wouldn't overdose the folic acid not even with a doctor consent. But I'm traumatized cause I took accutane (which is an overdose of vit A sort of) and after seeing first hand what it can do (like my bowels which have never been the same again) I have promised the good lord that I will never overdose a... (21 replies)
... Okay i got curious about the cervaplexx stuff and found interesting information. It seems what the cervaplexx stuff helps with the metabolism of estrogen. Now what I'm curious to know is if this stuff have any interactions with the Pill. Do you know 88shawdow about this? Are you on the Pill too? (21 replies)
... That is what i could call a good doctor. I don't think I would suggest my doctor about it because it is my experience that doctors don't seem to like patients teaching them about stuff that works. It makes them look like they don't know a whole lot. I have personally researched on the topic and I have readed that the only thing that has a definite impact is folic acid... (21 replies)
... I love the fact you posted this, now i want to try it im going to talk to my doctor about these vitamins, I was thinking about trying a more natural way of fighting these abnormal paps, too thank you :angel: (21 replies)

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