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... or ECC before, you probably had the same thing. After my colpo I was complaining to a friend who'd had one before, and she said "oh, yeah, it smells like rotten beef." That described it perfectly. Sorry to be gross! ... (14 replies)
... Dead cat? Probably nothing is wrong unless you have a fever and heavy bleeding, but I would go to a walk-in clinic or ER to be safe (unfortunately). I had to go to the ER for discharge and bleeding beyond the time you're supposed to, and low grade fever, but whatever infection was present cleared up with a course of antibiotics. I had the laser, though. Some odor is normal... (14 replies)
... I know I had an odor. It was kind of strong, maybe pungent . . . but not dead-cat-like. I hope you went to the doctor, urgent care facility, or ER. Please check back so we know how you are doing! (14 replies)

... Victorian, What did you end up doing? I had my LEEP done one week ago as of tomorrow, the blood and most of the discharge is gone, but I still have tiny black pieces of what looks like charred flesh and smells like rotting carcus coming out of me! It smells completelt foul, like roadkill, or a dead body. I had this happen once before, and it was that the dr left some live skin... (14 replies)
... Thank-You for the information, I am sorry to read you've had to go through this procedure. In deep respect of the stress before, during and after. I Do hope all is well, as you heal.... Warmest Regards Victorian ~ I double checked after reading your reply~ in consideration of ~ to make sure that I didn't post anything that would mock or seem insensitive to the... (14 replies)
... Good morning! LEEP is... not that cute jumping frog on your reply :) ... it is...loop electrosurgical excision procedure to remove affected cervical cells from your cervix Take Care! Victorian (14 replies)
... In the name of learning all sorts of acrynyms & even spelling... What's LEEP :confused: So glad :bouncing: to read you took care of business in getting the "botics" and doing much better. Love your humor.... Best Regards DRAIN BAMAGED (14 replies)
... Good morning, thank you! :) Actually probably just as well to let that job go for now. It really is too much to juggle. I have the two part time jobs, am in college full time and am going through a divorce after 22 years of marriage, on top of the cervical and other medical issues - on top of being burglarized twice this fall. Like I said, a country song! You do have to... (14 replies)
... You are too funny! Glad you got antibiotics just in case. Better be safe than sorry. Weird about the cysts! It's absolutely amazing what doctors can leave out. About your job . . . firing you for taking time off for being sick is horrible and could possibly be illegal! Have you worked there for more than a year? (14 replies)
... Thank you all so very much for writing to me. It is so wonderful to find others who have gone through the same ordeals and can share information. I just got back after hours spent with doctors. I first tried the urgent care, then my surgeon said for me to come back and see him. This is an hour and a half drive, didn't want to do it, but did it anyway. Apparently during LEEP... (14 replies)
... I'd get it looked at ASAP (these ladies know what they are talking about). Any infection in an area where there is surgery (LEEP) is especially cautious to begin with due to the fact that there is an open wound. (14 replies)
... Get looked at today, whether by your surgeon or a closer medical facility. (14 replies)
... Agree with what Lily said. I had a slight infection after my LEEP and I just went back in and they took a quick swab of the area and looked at it under a microscope. I would think they could do that at any hospital for you. (14 replies)
... If there is a bad smell, you should definitely get it checked out ASAP. If I were you, I'd call the doctor and ask him! If your doctor isn't there, you can often speak to a nurse or something. You can probably just go to a local doctor/hospital/urgent care center instead of driving back to the surgeon. (14 replies)
... Hello, just joined...wish I would have found this board before my LEEP procedure this past Monday. I'm hoping someone can help...I had the LEEP with just a sedative, went home, felt tired but pretty good, watched movies, did not take my pain meds because I had no need. The second day (yesterday) felt pretty good still, took it easy doing laundry and making beds. But by... (14 replies)

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