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... Thank you so much for asking and responding... Here is the path report: GROSS AND MICROSCOPIC DIAGNOSIS: A. CERVIX, CONIZATION: SEVERE DYSPLASIA (CIN III) WITH - 1. Endocervical gland involvement 2. Endocervical margin free of dysplasia. 3. Ectocervical margin with high-grade dysplasia involving a deep endocervical gland from the 12:00-3:00 o'clock position. (9 replies)
... Actually - after reading a lot of stories here - it doesn't seem that rare at all. I ask the same question of my situation and I know there are others on this board that have probably done the same because we've been there. No prior history of a bad pap and *WHAM* you are staring the "c' word in the face. An ECC is usually performed with a colpo. Paps don't get, biopsies... (20 replies)
... s still a possibility. And if so, that if waiting weeks for this procedure is going to increase the risk of it getting worse. I keep reading that most cases of CIN III when caught early are cleared up with one or two LEEP procedures and that's all there is to it... ... (20 replies)

... Ok now I have more questions... I was tested 4 years ago (roughly) because I was nearing the age limit where the vaccine is no longer effective, and that came back negative at that time. Do you still think HPV has been lurking in my system somehow with this many years of regular paps and three negative HPV tests? :confused: Or is it more likely I got exposed recently? It... (20 replies)
... the less virus hpv produces. That's because the high risk types, which you can assume are responsible for any problem beyond CIN 1, integrates its own dna into that of the host cell. ... (20 replies)
Jan 30, 2007
... stage. I have "cervical squamous cell carcinoma in situ" which alot of people on this site will try to group with severe dysplasia, but they are not the same. ... (7 replies)
... While most cases of dysplasia have a direct link to the presence of HPV, HPV does not necessarily have to be evident to have dysplasia. Dysplasia is a term used to define a cell abnormality. The other thing to keep in mind is that an HPV infection has to be active for it to show up on an hpv test. ... (20 replies)
... and just got the results yesterday that I have severe dysplasia. I'm floored, scared, and just flat out crushed. ... (20 replies)
... hat the reuslts showed the margins had been clear and it all appeared to have come out. but i just went back for my first follow up pap, and it showed high grade dysplasia again. ... (5 replies)
... I am 32 yrs. old and my fiancee is 31. We have been dating since 1997 and are getting married this Summer. On Friday, she was told that she has severe dysplasia CIN III, and the doctor was kind enough to perform a LEEP on the same day. ... (5 replies)
... First of all, like luvbug said, it is possible for the dysplasia to be from something else. ... (20 replies)
... I am a 28 year old who was diagnosed with severe dysplasia CIN III back in 98. I had a leep done and was told that I may have problems conceiving or carrying later in life. ... (3 replies)
New Here!CIN III
Mar 23, 2006
... Hello,I was recently diagnosed with severe dysplasia(CIN III).My colposcopy showed two lesions on the cervix and remnants of a lesion on the ECC.My gyn explained the treatment plan this way:the LEEP tool will be used on the front of the cervix and a curettege stick will be used to scrape the canal.I thought what?how will this remove the abnormal areas from the canal?You do not... (15 replies)
... How can you have severe dysplasia without HPV? ... (20 replies)
... hi there...I am no doctor and every instance is different, but i would have to agree with Lisa. I was just diagnosed with CIN II so i did alot of research on it and found that CIN II and III are more severe dysplasia that may stay the same or get worse. ... (2 replies)
... oes seem fast. From my own personal experience, I went from normal to adenocarcinoma in situ in about a year. I have no idea the average rate of progression to CIN 3 and whether your case is common. But, from my understanding, the progression from CIN 3 to cancer takes usually about 10 years. ... (20 replies)
... CIN III and my doc sent me to a gyno and she did a leep with in two weeks. ... (3 replies)
Cin Iii
Dec 15, 2006
... I was just diagnosed with severe dysplasia CIN level III I am scheduled for laser surgery the first of Jan. can I get some ideas of what to expect during and after the procedure. Thanks in advance for your comments. ... (3 replies)
... I don't have any copies of my medical records... I think I will call and request them on Monday. If I had my biopsy 2 weeks ago, do you think it's normal for them to schedule the LEEP 10 days from now? If this is so serious, why wouldn't they be doing the procedure asap? I'm getting nervous about all of this again- I want it to be no big deal but I fear that it is. :( ... (20 replies)
... They could just do a lletz, a leep, for which you will be awake, with CIN III I would have thought they wouldve done this anyway, to make sure that there are no more lesions where the CIN III was, I had CIN III in a biopsy but when I had leep I showed CIN I with clear margins, so was then deferred for 6 months for a check up colposcopy, depending on where the cells... (2 replies)

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