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... I had a pap done in April the results were moderate to severe dysplasia. I then had a biopsy done in June which came back severe dysplasia so I had a LEEP done in July and the results are this.... ... (0 replies)
... since she has CinIII, it is not cancer. If it were cancer, the previous biopsy would tell. A colpsocopy and biopsy on me showed that I had CINIII and that was severe dysplasia, but NOT cancer. ... (5 replies)
... Did your doctor get clear margins after your first leep. If he didn't, then this might be the case why you still have severe dysplasia. I would ask if there was clear margins. ... (9 replies)

Severe Dysplasia
Jul 14, 2007
... severe dysplasia. 2 other samples were moderate and 2 were severe with gland involvement. ... (3 replies)
... and just got the results yesterday that I have severe dysplasia. I'm floored, scared, and just flat out crushed. ... (20 replies)
... Ok now I have more questions... I was tested 4 years ago (roughly) because I was nearing the age limit where the vaccine is no longer effective, and that came back negative at that time. Do you still think HPV has been lurking in my system somehow with this many years of regular paps and three negative HPV tests? :confused: Or is it more likely I got exposed recently? It... (20 replies)
... s a very personal choice and some women DO take up to 2 years to naturally clear the virus. You can assume you have hpv, because if you didn't, you wouldn't have severe dysplasia. ... (20 replies)
... While most cases of dysplasia have a direct link to the presence of HPV, HPV does not necessarily have to be evident to have dysplasia. Dysplasia is a term used to define a cell abnormality. The other thing to keep in mind is that an HPV infection has to be active for it to show up on an hpv test. ... (20 replies)
... hat the reuslts showed the margins had been clear and it all appeared to have come out. but i just went back for my first follow up pap, and it showed high grade dysplasia again. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks so much for the reply Kosm! even being able to get all this out helps alot! So far, the only thing they have done to try and figure the abdominal pain is a colonoscopy and ultrasound (not a pelvic US, thats what I will ask for next) The GI dr said abdominal pain is usually gi related (that was all fine) organ related (US was fine for organs) or female problems, which... (4 replies)
... Sooo sorry to hear about all you are going through. That is a lot. I can tell you that Severe Dysplasia is NOT cancer. It does have a high likelihood to become cancer if it isn't treated. ... (4 replies)
... c my doctor had said he didn't feel like it would be a severe case, he thought it would be a 1 or 2 at worst. Obviously since I have severe dysplasia it is high risk HPV. I should just dismiss that part of the conversation since it wasn't directly from him. ... (7 replies)
... I had my leep done for biopsy confirmed severe dysplasia. ... (10 replies)
... Anywho, my first colposcopy showed three areas of moderate to severe dysplasia. ... (4 replies)
... re. I'm 33, have always had yearly, normal paps. I had a baby 2 years ago and even had normal paps during and after. Now, all of a sudden my pap came back saying severe dysplasia. I'm still in shock. I had my colpo on Monday. She said I had one large lesion and another smaller one on the other side. ... (3 replies)
... Severe dysplasia is caused by high risk HPV. ... (7 replies)
Severe Dysplasia
Jul 14, 2007
... Moderate to severe dysplasia is not the end of the world! It seems like your doctor gave you a bit of an unnecessary fright when she asked you if you still wanted more kids. ... (3 replies)
... They could just do a lletz, a leep, for which you will be awake, with CIN III I would have thought they wouldve done this anyway, to make sure that there are no more lesions where the CIN III was, I had CIN III in a biopsy but when I had leep I showed CIN I with clear margins, so was then deferred for 6 months for a check up colposcopy, depending on where the cells... (2 replies)
... Had a pap, came back abnormal, had a colposcopy done, came back severe dysplasia in 3 areas tested, no prior history of abnormals. Said see you in 6 months. ... (2 replies)
... I'm pretty new to this severe dysplasia myself but unfortunately im learning pretty fast. ... (4 replies)

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