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Jan 3, 2004
... I am 41 yrs old and had a hysterectomy approx 3 yrs ago due to dysfunctional uterine bleeding and cervical dysplasia. After my hyst , I had a lap done which diagnosed endometriosis. I continue to have lower abd pn and lower back pn. ... (2 replies)
... etc. Pretty much everything serious ruled out except severe anemia, which went back to normal after a couple months of taking iron supplements. ... (1 replies)
... OK everyone here is my story. About 8 or 9 months ago i realised after a period of long stresses in my life that my pap had been neglected for 4and a half years. ... (7 replies)

... Intermittent occasional spotting can be a symptom of endometrial cancer. Other symptoms could be spotting after intercourse, a slightly darker than normal vaginal discharge, or crampy feeling. ... (4 replies)
Symptom of cancer
May 17, 2007
... I am wondering if it is normal to be spotting after intercourse? ... (1 replies)
... had my follow up at 3 weeks and was told I was cleared for intercourse.. But I will say that I did have spotting after one occasion since then. This time Im following up at 4 weeks .. and assume will be cleared at that time as well. ... (2 replies)
Cin Iii
Dec 27, 2006
... I had the same thing, and had laser in August 2005. To my surprise, I had a recurrence of abnormal cells this last November, after an initial pap in February'06 coming back normal. ... (3 replies)
Post-LEEP Recovery
Sep 18, 2012
... Btw, I waited for the recommended 6 weeks following LEEP to begin sexual activity again, and also experienced spotting after intercourse. ... (9 replies)
... I didnt have anything done other than a colposcopy and a biopsy taken, but I always bleed a little after intercourse or a smear, but thats juts spotting, it seems like anything that goes near or touches my cervix I bleed, but this is nothing what I have had before. ... (11 replies)
... I am 48 yrs. old and had the LEEP procedure done 2 yrs. ago due to moderate dysplaysia. I had a normal pap test 10 months ago. Twice after intercouse lately I noticed some light spotting or a brown discharge. I have an appt. to see my gyn. ... (1 replies)
My CIN III Story
Sep 21, 2013
... congrats! This gives me some hope. I'm awaiting my Colpo results, paps have all been normal, been having spotting after intercourse. ... (7 replies)
... i know that when i went from nothing to severe dysplasia, and then to cancer, i did not notice a change in my period at all. i did have spotting after intercourse, but nothing to do with my period. ... (9 replies)
Cancer Symptoms?
Jul 19, 2005
... When i was initially diagnosed with HPV i had inflammation and low grade lesions and i was also spotting after intercourse. But in the end it wasn't an alarming situation and now everything is ok. Good luck and keep us posted! ... (2 replies)
... Hello all I was diagnosed with Hpv after my ten year marriage ended in 2011 I believe sept. after diagnosed I was giving a biopsy and all was clear of any cancer cells . ... (1 replies)
Post-Leep Problems
May 17, 2006
... bleeding is bright red and then tapers off to mild spotting within a few hours and then brownish spotting for a few more days. Shouldn't my cervix be completely healed by now? ... (4 replies)
... I started heavy spotting 2 months ago and it goes on for 3 weeks at a time and stops for 1 week. I will also spot after intercourse and taking a hot shower more. ... (2 replies)
May 20, 2003
... I started having spotting between periods last September. Other things started occurring also. ... (5 replies)
... Hello ladies I'm new to the this board but not the web site and i have some questions and i'll try to keep this short in may i had some vaginal concerns ((ie yeast infection itch every month a week before my period spotting after sex and painful intercourse i've also lost weight in the past 3 years but thought it was do to raising 2 kids and life stress and dealing with my... (10 replies)
Cyst Question
Aug 10, 2004
... After being intimate with my husband the last week I had some slight spotting that continued part of the next day as well. Ever since I've had continuous dull pain in my reproductive area. ... (0 replies)
... It can result in spotting or bleeding after intercourse. ... (4 replies)

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