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... I have had spotting , pelvic pain and back pain for about 2 weeks now . ... (10 replies)
... c i was having spotting and had not had a period for Oct and couldn't remember if I had one for Sept . ... (10 replies)
... Susan, I suggest you go to your doctor and request a pelvic exam with a pap. Have you gone through menopause? ... (10 replies)

... I am 36 the pathology report from my Leep in 2001 reads as follows moderate to severe squamous dysplasia cin I -III with endocervical glandular involvenmnet ext involving submitted specimen Margins free of dysplasia . I don't think she did a HPV test when she did the STD test . (10 replies)
... Hi for about the last ten months i have had spotting just before my period. ... (0 replies)
May 20, 2003
... I started having spotting between periods last September. Other things started occurring also. ... (5 replies)
... It was only for a day so again I wasn't too concerned. The month thereafter I had light spotting after my period and vaginal pain again. ... (0 replies)
... i personally had some symptoms.. pain and spotting.. pain with sex mostly.. ... (9 replies)
... days ok then to spotting for 3 days to having a heavy period again. I went to the GYN on Tuesday. ... (0 replies)
... Now I Am Having The Same Symptoms I Had Before My Leep.. Pain With Sex Spotting After Sex And Some Spotting Just Because. ... (1 replies)
Sex before LEEP
Mar 21, 2005
... Are you being put to sleep with your leep? ... (10 replies)
... I'm 19 and never been sexually active. I started getting concerning symptoms a few months back and have been to gynecologists with the worry of endometriosis, given that my mom had a severe case and hysterectomy at the age of 25. ... (1 replies)
... I have a colposcopy and biopsy scheduled for tomorrow and I will be asking about an ECC since my pap was returned with possible HGSIL. I am very nervous and worried, perhaps unnecessarily, but I tend to be a worrier anyway. ... (5 replies)
... s of the biopsy yet. I was on Nuvaring for birth control, and removed it the day of the surgery. I would normally have gotten my period 3 days later. I'm only spotting a tiny bit. ... (1 replies)
... For the past week ive been having ANNOYING pain in my my "ovary area". When I push down I dont feel lumps or anything. ... (3 replies)
Sharp pain
Jan 12, 2006
... and spotting along with gas, bloating and diharria. I had a vaginal exam 2 days ago where my dr was pushing on my ovaries from inside and the outside at the same time. It was painful. ... (1 replies)
... I've been reading all the messages about LEEP and the pain and bleeding issues that some of you have had and thought I would share my experience also. ... (0 replies)
Sep 7, 2003
... Your spotting and pain sounds like it would be at the right time for ovulating. ... (9 replies)
... Be sure and tell the person who makes the appointments that she is in a great deal of pain so that maybe they will get her in sooner. If she can't get in soon and she is in that much pain, I would take her to the ER. ... (4 replies)
... per when she wiped on Friday. She says it was definitely vaginal. Ever since then she has been bloated and feeling as if she is on her period. She has had pelvic pain like cramping almost. She has had this happen once before about a year ago and i took her to the Gynecologist. ... (4 replies)

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