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... This past friday I went in for an external ultrasound for pain in my right pelvic region. ... (0 replies)
... It seemed to be only when I went to the bathroom that it was a problem. I wore a panty liner, but never had anything on it. My perios was not supposed to start for at least another week and a half. This continued for several days with no pain or anything. ... (2 replies)
... If you are still having these pains, ask your doctor to refer you for an ultrasound. The pain may be due to an ovarian cyst but in order to know, you would have to get an ultrasound so that they can see. ... (5 replies)

... Helllo CandyMint I wish you luck.I know the pain you go through. ... (8 replies)
... a couple of months ago, that I have a 2 cm cyst on my right ovary. I went for my follow up ultrasound yesterday and do not yet have the results. ... (6 replies)
... I'm wondering if anyone has been symptomatic for ovarian cancer but had a normal transvaginal ultrasound, and then went on to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer later? ... (2 replies)
... TEEEB, wow! I thought I was the only one this happened to. About a month ago I went into the doctor for what I thought was going to be a normal, ordinary ultrasound. Was I wrong! Prior to this appointment I had never even heard of a transvaginal ultrasound! ... (6 replies)
... Brief history recap, in 2005 I had LEEP for CIN III. Was having multiple symptoms which landed me in a urologists office. ... (16 replies)
... ull. I had a chest cold in Sept., that was diagnosed as pneumonia by the end of the month. I thought the appetite was due to that. The gnawing, scraping, burning pain that followed I thought was from all the antibiotics they had put me on. Any solid food was impossible to eat. ... (0 replies)
... e, swollen legs and back pain. I also have seen him about what I thought might be urinary tract infections, which they found no evidence of but gave antibiotics for that didnt seem to help. These were intermittent and would last for several days and then subside and come back. ... (4 replies)
... Well I had my pelvic ultrasound done last week. I met with my doctor last night to review the rusults! ... (2 replies)
... I have been having severe lower pelvic pain for months mainly on left side but recently starting to happen on right side as well... ... (0 replies)
... may help you, I am not sure. In september of 2007 I started to have heavy irregular bleeding and pain. Since I was on the birth control pill and had been on it for about 20 years with no incidents, I was terrified. ... (6 replies)
... months ago I began feeling pain in my lower right abdomen. It started as a dull ache but occasionally I had bouts of more severe pain. ... (5 replies)
... I went on my 30 minute treadmill run as per my usual routine for over a year at this point. Couple hours after I experienced some extreme abdominal pain where both my ovaries are. I took advil and didn't think much of it. Period came and left. ... (1 replies)
... xperience on here because I notice that alot of people never get answers or you never see what happened in the end. Maybe I can help someone else or get answers for myself. ... (20 replies)
... I had a CT scan before the ultrasound for right lower abdomen pain. The Ct showed a mass on the left ovary, saw nothing on the right. The ultrasound 2 weeks later did indentify the left ovarian mass as a 4.5 complex cyst, some parts solid in the cyst, some blood. ... (5 replies)
... Try to make my story short. I am 42 years old and had a partial hyster at the age of 35 due to severe adenomyosis. I have had female issues for as long as I can remember. Diagnosed with HPV when I was 19. Had a cone biopsy which was normal and had the cells frozen. ... (2 replies)
... Ovulation pain or Mittleschmerz is when one of those cysts bursts and releases its egg into the fallopian tube. Some women, like us, can feel this. ... (5 replies)
... with or without an ultrasound if I hold it too long I have pain, BAD pain for a very long time afterwards. It must press on the cyst which them might press on something else. ... (6 replies)

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