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... with or without an ultrasound if I hold it too long I have pain, BAD pain for a very long time afterwards. It must press on the cyst which them might press on something else. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Kayle, It is impossible for the doctors to give you 100% assurance of what they see on an ultrasound. This is not possible and it is something I also had to accept. It drove me crazy not knowing and I watched my ovarian cyst for over 18 months before having it removed. You can, however, count on the radiologist and gynecologist's educated opinion of what they think... (22 replies)
... Zoegirl, I was allowed to empty my bladder before the transvaginal ultra sound was performed. In my case the abdominal ultrasound was "uncomfortable" but the other was PAINFUL! That is just my experience. It may just be that I have a lot going on as it is. I'm not sure. ... (6 replies)

... before i got the results bak i was in the hospital because my cyst bursted and it was a burning and painful situation. so that was what they seen on my cat scan. but i would definitely get the report and films and go to a specialist . better to be safe. ... (11 replies)
... ne as a matter of course. That being said, almost all women have ovarian cysts. It isn't a cause for concern unless something else is going on. They are often painful also. So if you were having some odd pain and he wanted to check to be sure it was a cyst, then the answer is yes. Outside of that, it all looks pretty good. ... (1 replies)
... It's always best to see your doctor for any changing symptoms. Did the problems get worse when you started the iron pills? The digestive issues could be a result of the iron. That's what happened to me. I was anemic until my periods quit for good and since I've been fine. Have you had a uterine ultrasound? I have had a couple of ovarian cysts rupture and the symptoms... (1 replies)
... Yikes! that doesn't sound good. I wish you all the best and I hope your doctors can get to the bottom of everything! Mouth sores and fever? those are interesting symptoms..related to the ovarian torsion? That must have been extremely painful..from what I've read about ovarian torsion, it sounds like you are lucky that they actually found out what was causing the pain and now... (2 replies)
Painful pap
Apr 27, 2010
... Possibly ovarian cycts or similar? Please let us know what you found out when you see your doctor. I have compassion for how you are feeling and anticipating. Wonder if your doctor will schedule a pelvic ultrasound. Possibly your birth control pills or related are contributing to your weight gain. Such as the Depo Provera injection etc. That is if you are even on... (3 replies)
... this post due to the fact that i've had 2 transvaginal ultrasounds in the last 2 years. I've never ever bled afterwards, no blood on the condom they use on the ultrasound stick thingy either. ... (4 replies)
... Wow, i had a transvaginal sono doe this past monday..will get results was SO SO painful i actually started to cry. i almost pulled that probe out..maybe it was the tech, i dont i feel better.. ... (6 replies)
Very scared
Jul 5, 2008
... fallopian tube and then the shell, along with the remaining cysts, are reabsorbed back into the ovaries until the beginning of the next cycle. If women have an ultrasound at any point in time, therefore, it is very likely to uncover a cyst as this is completely normal. ... (6 replies)
... I am thought to have endometriosis due to sometimes painful bowel movements, terribly painful period cramps, family history of endo, etc. ... (2 replies)
... a painful one...I already knew it was painful sheesh i nearly passed out on the ultrasound. ... (3 replies)
... Upon my last ultrasound in February of 2009, the cyst had grown just a little again. The radiologist compared this last ultrasound to my very first ultrasound and said that there was a slight growth since the first ultrasound so he recommended I get a surgical opinion. ... (7 replies)
... lt the lining was very thick and sent me for an ultrasound. The lining was thick and they saw shadows that could have been polyps. I just went back for another ultrasound 2 weeks later and the lining had thinned and the 'polyp' was gone. ... (4 replies)
Expereinced needed
May 17, 2013
... Had a transvaginal ultrasound which was very painful on the left side. The technician spent a very long time and seemed to concentrate on that side. The reason for the ultrasound was left sided tenderness. ... (1 replies)
... Went to the Doctor who recommended an ultrasound that came back negative. ... (31 replies)
... As for me, I am still watching my cyst. I was diagnosed with it last September and at that time it was about 7.5 cm and simple with thin walls. A follow up ultrasound was recommended at that time and they told me that it would go away. ... (11 replies)
... GYN through blood tests that I was severely anemic. She also did an ultrasound and saw that I had a hemorrhagic cyst on my left ovary. ... (0 replies)
... after going off the pill was incredibly painful. I thought I was dying so off to the doctor's again I went. My doctor was on vacation so his partner ordered an ultrasound and this is were my large ovarian cyst was found. ... (4 replies)

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