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AIS New to board
May 17, 2011
... (6 replies)
AIS New to board
May 16, 2011
... cells and AIS involves glandular cells. CIS is much more common than AIS. AIS is thought to be more serious because glandular abnormalities move faster. ... (6 replies)
New, with AIS
Sep 30, 2009
... I think a pathologist can tell AIS from a very small sample. All the need a few cells that look bad. That doesn't mean you can't get a second opinion on the pathology. ... (6 replies)

... Hey everyone, Just wanted to post about my latest follow-up for AIS. This was my third -- my first follow-up came back with a fine ECC, abnormal pap, but negative hpv. My second f/u had both a clean pap and ECC. At my latest, they saw two spots that looked slightly abnormal and took biopsies. One of those came back as CIN1, but my pap and ECC were still okay. I was... (17 replies)
... My AIS was treated with a cone in June last year. ... (0 replies)
... In addition to the repeat paps and colposcopy, I'd also want an ECC, and that's the follow up that most of the US ladies diagnosed with AIS who post here have had. ... (8 replies)
AIS happy stories?
Jan 27, 2009
... Other than follow ups of course. ... (1 replies)
... Chris, It's true your treatment probably wouldn't change depending on whether or not you tested positive for the virus -- they're still going to do check-ups every few months. However, from what I've read, testing negative for the virus is a pretty good indicator that you're not going to have a recurrence (at least while you're still testing negative). I don't want to say... (17 replies)
... Yes, I remember reading that post and it was very encouraging! But the 5%, plus the additional follow ups, I think would make many women, especially older women who are done with kids, opt for a hysterectomy. I think thats an OPTION only, and I'm not taking it. :) (13 replies)
... She also said that she does check women for AIS during pregnancy using a cytobrush and that she has done CKCs during pregnancy. That was good news. ... (12 replies)
... d just suck it up if it really helped see stuff, but he said that he could see fairly well anyway, and since it wouldn't help him see inside my cervix where the AIS was, it doesn't really matter. ... (18 replies)
... Wow! I can remember the feelings. In November 2002 I went in to have an emergency appendectomy and during the surgery my right ovary was removed. I woke up to find a woman next to my bed filling out forms. She had made appointments for me to follow up with a cancer clinic about 50 miles away. My doctor had not even been in to see me yet. It turned out I had ovarian... (6 replies)
... ed in the door was "Good News!" I started crying and hugged him. I'm not a crier or a hugger so that's saying a lot! He basically told me that I had both CIS and AIS but that the LEEP had gotten it all. ... (6 replies)
... I have been catching up on this thread, and let me chime in! DOCTORS SUCK! I can't believe that your gyn didn't tell you it was AIS. I so feel for you luvbug! But you are NOT being a pest and a bother! You can see as many specialists as you want. It is their job. See a gyn/onc, and if they don't give you satisfactory answer, see another. I'm going to try and do... (70 replies)
... It is sad when this is considered good luck hearing CIS AIS but considering the possibilities it is going to be okay. I was also told to get a hysterectomy for CIS but we are ready to start a family and declined. ... (6 replies)
... I was adamant from the minute I found I had "at least" AIS that I was not going to have a hyst and I would find a way to keep my uterus. ... (8 replies)
Oncologist #2
Apr 7, 2009
... oncs who are telling all you AIS ladies to have hysts now or right after childbearing. ... (12 replies)
Losing my mind!
Mar 10, 2009
... YES!!!! :eek: I am thinking the same thing right now. Knowing that I will be expected to make a decision about further treatment relatively soon. The numbers and statistic are mind numbing and I am not sure who or what to believe anymore. I think one of our biggest problems is the lack of scientific research in direct relation to AIS. I keep finding mention of it over... (14 replies)
... Also want to say to TQQ, that I am also 35 and have AIS with unclear margins, which I just found out from my second opinion from the oncologist. ... (80 replies)
... You know what I always say to doctors that works like a charm? I say I need the tests for my mental health. That I can't wait that long to find out, or that I need a test to confirm the doctor's opinion that nothing is wrong with me. I always tell them that if they don't give me the tests, I am going to become a hypochondriac, worrying constantly about what could be wrong... (12 replies)

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