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... Wow BostonGirl, I am really shocked at your doctor's advice. LEEPs or cryo are necessary for anyone with moderate to high grade dysplasia, no matter what their age is. Moderate and high grade dysplasia must be treated aggressively. ... (15 replies)
... me. I passed out during my colpo and I passed out last week when I had to get a blood test . . . it's from the anxiety. I did NOT pass out, however, during the cryo because I was able to calm down as soon as I realized there was no pain. It felt like nothing more than a 5 minute pap smear, just uncomfortable. ... (2 replies)
... to let anyone who is curious know how this process goes. ... (0 replies)

I hate cancer...
Jan 14, 2011
... threatening. Think of the peace of mind you'll have if it turns out to be nothing serious. Even if it is dysplasia, won't it be a relief to get it taken care of so it doesn't get any worse? ... (3 replies)
Jun 7, 2009
... etc. That is what my thoughts are. ... (4 replies)
... This is my first time to be on this message board, so "Hello" first. ... (8 replies)
... In which country is this? ... (4 replies)
... ause cellular changes and result in an abnormal PAP probably an ASCUS result. I don't believe the changes it would cause would result in CINII. Dysplasia which is categorized CIN I, CIN II and CINIII is usually caused by HPV. HPV is considered a sexually transmitted disease but is very common... ... (10 replies)
... asia diagnosis and unfortunately, this ambiguous result will generate different treatment recommendations with different doctors. Trust me, THAT in and of itself is frustrating! ... (36 replies)
Really freaked out
Jan 29, 2007
... thanks for replying! Is cryo freeze not as effective as the leep? ... (10 replies)
Apr 19, 2006
... g this for 2 years, and it not changing, I think I should go ahead with the LEEP so they can atleast test the cells. tThen after that, if it comes back, get the cryo if that is possible. It seems like the best option to find out what is going on and prevent the infertility to get worse. ... (22 replies)
Need Help???
May 31, 2005
... the colposcopy and the results came back with moderate dysplasia. This doctor wated around doing biopsy after biopsy until finally in september she reccomended a cryo freezing. So, I had the freezing done and then waited until January to have a follow up pap done. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Georgina, Yep! That's my take on it too. My BF and I sat down and had a talk about the whole issue, and how it would be very, very bad for either of us to cheat on one another because of the risk involved in picking up an additional strain. :nono: So now that we both confirmed our faithfulness, we're going at it like bunnies ;) I'm not going to worry about the bad... (23 replies)
... The bad cells CAN reappear, but I THINK what your doctor means is that having unprotected, monogomous sex with your already infected partner isn't going to increase the chances of the bad cells coming back. ... (23 replies)
... no problem... a good dr should always continuously be talking to you and informing you of EXACTLY whats going on , and what your situation is. ... (8 replies)
... and that what is removed can be sent to a lab for further testing.. which I guess is not possible with a cryo. So that's the result so far. She said it was a small area that is concerning.. ... (7 replies)
... Everyone's body is different, so maybe you'll want to work up to the dose until you see how you're affected. ... (4 replies)
... It is nothing. I promise. It is done in the office. It takes 10 minutes tops. Take 2 motrin before going. ... (1 replies)
LEEP experiences
Jun 8, 2007
... I hear that cryo is less invasive than the LEEP, but you may want to do more research on that before you decide. Maybe your doctor doesn't perform Cryo's? ... (4 replies)
... Hey girls...sorry for the delayed response. Since seeing a new doc earlier this week I've been preoccupied reading up on cryo and all that...doing tons of research too. ... (36 replies)

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