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... I had cryotherapy 7 days ago and I am still having watery discharge. So much that a panty liner will not suffice. This is my second time getting cryo in the last 4 years, I think that's because of the HPV virus that I am more likely to get abnormal pap smears. ... (6 replies)
... Hey, Whitney, thank you for what you said. ... (4 replies)
... The only difference is that she did do a cryo. ... (26 replies)

... oes, I still am in fact. I had my first abnormal pap back in May '06. I went through Cryo, Colpo, LEEP and pap after pap after pap. Right now I have my second Cryo scheduled for this upcoming Monday. It is the first procedure after the LEEP I had in June. I had normal paps up until that one last May. ... (16 replies)
... New here and just hoping for a little insight! Here is the backstory... ... (6 replies)
... it is just diagnostic. ... (18 replies)
... Ironically, both were tested for every STD a man can be tested for, including herpes 1 and 2, and negative for all of them, but I still got HPV. What luck. ... (10 replies)
My story
Apr 30, 2005
... if something is going to progress it will, and you just will never know. Since the possibility is there, monitoring is a must, and once you get used to it, it wont be a big deal. I would get the'other' area looked at, and even if its something else they can treat it also. ... (5 replies)
... eks to avoid hemmorraging and all.....any advice on what to do or expect from this procedure other than what I know about recovery being 4 to 6 weeks and that it is probably very effective that I dont get more abnormal pap smears,,it was aggressive because I dont plan on more kids,,2 beautiful boys and i am 34... ... (0 replies)
... My doctor told me that when a person gets a cryo done it's harder for the colop and to take a good look at the cervix. She reffered the Leep for me even though it's only in the mild stage. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, the folic acid i am taking is the GNC store one, as are all my vitamins, but I think any brand would be good. The main thing is, make sure you get a natural one. ... (21 replies)
Abnormal Pap
Feb 6, 2015
... Froodie is correct, cervical cancer does not have a strong genetic link. ... (3 replies)
New and nervous
May 17, 2009
... had panic attacks and I just can't stand the thought of this. Maybe I won't need a Leep, I don't know. In Canada here and it seems like from what I've read they look with the colposcope, biopsy the obvious and ecc if none obvious as it would be opposite the pap results, and leep lesions on site. ... (15 replies)
Why not a LEEP?
Aug 7, 2008
... Hi Tulip! Those are some great questions to ask your doctor. I recommend you make a written list of questions to ask. I find doctors take more time and are willing to answer my questions if they are written down. You didn't say how old you are, but that could be a factor in your doctor taking the wait, recheck, and see approach. If you are wanting to maintain your... (2 replies)
... If you had a biopsy that you most certainly should be able to find out what stage your cervical dysplasia is at! I was not offered laser and I've read some negative things about it actually and that it is rarely used. ... (16 replies)
... Hi there. THe good news is that just because you have HPV does NOT mean you have cancer. In fact, most people with HPV do NOT have cancer. WHat's more is that just because you have HPV AND Dysplasia still does not mean cancer. AND dysplasia usually goes through many stages before its becomes cancer. ... (5 replies)
... and what they tell me. ... (36 replies)
Treatment Help
Aug 14, 2007
... You know, definitely WAIT until you get the results of your biopsy before you undergo any treatment. I find it odd that your doctor told you that you need cryo for a wart on your cervix. ... (10 replies)
... which is frustrating because it means we're straddling both low and high grade dysplasia. ... (5 replies)
... pap in the fall. And like you, I will fall back on cryo or LEEP if things do not regress by then. Please let us know how things go for you and I'm here to listen if you ever need to vent. ... (19 replies)

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