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... in my message, I got my period between 1 and 2 weeks after the leep. I think the only time they want to you schedule for immediately following your last period is if they are doing cryo or laser. From what I've read anyway. Check with your doctor if you need further reassurance. ... (5 replies)
... HI I had my cryo almost 2 weeks ago and i'm still leaknig the clear stuff but at first there was no real odor to it but now it smells not to good is this normal plus can someone tell me what happens at my follow up (5 replies)
... Here is my background. ... (3 replies)

... and am wondering how long the average wait is to receive the biopsy results. From what I've read, it can be anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks. Can anyone help me out with this? ... (6 replies)
... That's what I plan on. Even if I have to go else where, which I do plan on doing as soon as I get my results back, whether they are normal or not. ... (4 replies)
... HPV is a virus and can progress at different rates in diferent people. I would make sure you have your Doctor give you an HPV sub type test which will confirm what type of HPV you have, as some spread faster. ... (8 replies)
... Cryosurgery is safer in this regard and studies show it to be similar in effectiveness. ... (6 replies)
... followed by colposcopy and then LEEP. Doctor wanted to do a cone because he prefers it and thinks it is easier on the patient. I requested the LEEP which he said was just as good and knowing myself would be easier for me than the anxiety of anesthesia. ... (4 replies)
... lts, Rosequartz with me as they are glandular cells they need to do cone as cannot see where they all are they dont know where cells are until biopsy, thats why cryo not good enough, Caroline, please let me know how your surgery went and after effects etc. ... (29 replies)
... So... is it normal to be told that severe dysplasia has returned, but to wait for any kind of treatment? ... (3 replies)
... biopsy, I would have been thrilled with CIN I, too. As a person that just went through my LEEP, I would definitely recommend the LEEP if it is still CIN I in 3 months. ... (4 replies)
May 2, 2009
... orm of hpv, and probably high risk, if you have persistent cin1, though there's a chance you have low risk which will not progress to cancer. Your hpv viral load is also low enough to be undetectable, to be differentiated from "not present. ... (16 replies)
... think there was so much of it spanning such a large surface area that they deemed the result dysplasia. I'm guessing a few slightly atypical cells here and there is what you have...and not grossly irregular cells, either. ASCUS is milder than LSIL. ASCUS can't confirm lesions, LSIL is the confirmed presence of lesions. ... (25 replies)
... onclusive of HPV....however all the tests so far have been negative so who really knows.....maybe it's negative for high risk HPV but positive for low risk which is not tested for but from what I understand can still cause minor changes of cervical cells. ... (25 replies)
... week, but will have to spend many hours in the next 2 weeks trying to get my room arranged. We have to pack up EVERYTHING and put it on the counters. Nothing is allowed to stay on any desk, counter, or table. It is only one step better than having to move rooms because my stuff stays in the room. ... (3 replies)
... on any one particular thing, except for maybe that HPV is the main culprit in causing cervical cancer. I posted earlier on my trials and tribulations with different gynos. ... (36 replies)
Treatment Help
Aug 14, 2007
... ry well to me. When I go back I will have to talk to her about all my questions I am going to write them down. The pap showed mild dysplasia, LGSIL. and this is what she wrote down after the colpo visit on a sheet of paper and said she saw two spots that she biopsied and called them flat warts when she looked at my cervix. ... (10 replies)
Treatment Help
Aug 14, 2007
... I don't know why she'd use the terms interchangeably because, at least from what I understand of HPV and dysplasia, they are distinctly different. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Sarmee, your treatment options really depend on the grade of the dysplasia. If it is low grade, chances are they will wait it out and have you come back in 3 to 6 months later. ... (10 replies)
... dysplasia, and didn't think twice after having cryo. Actually, she didn't think much about it beforehand either. One's natural response is to worry about any health problems they may have. It's also a natural to be positive and to want to learn about the disease that is making you ill. ... (34 replies)

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