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One of the checkers where I shop told me today that her husband had back surgery and it went wrong the first week. Something that they put in broke so he had to go back in and get it redone, meantime he became addicted to pain meds.

The guy in the bed next to him died. He had MS. The success rate with people with MS is much lower that people who don't have it. He died on the operating table.

So, this checker's husband got a cortizone shot two years ago and it going in for surgery a third time.

I have been reading a lot of forums, chat rooms, message boards such as this, and the outlook for back surgery is bleak. I plugged *failed back surgery* into the search engine and came to the conclusion that back surgery is not an option in my book.

I would rather be a pain med addict then let them cut on me or my husband.


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