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Hey Shore, I hope you are doing well. I haven't seen you post much.

But I wanted to update you on my most recent purchase of one of my meds. I went to get my BT med, Endocet 10/325 #120, and instead of my copay being $20 it was a whopping $45! Ever since our group insurance changed to United Health Care and our share of ANYTHING is based on a percentage my meds have gone sky high. Except for a couple. Like my Zanaflex is now only $1.87 and my Fiorecet(generic brand) is only $3.03, but the Fentynal is now $63 and the Endo is $45! It used to be with out previous insurance company $20 for name brand and around $10 or so for generic. And my pharmacy is on the list of the network. Besides, my pharmacy is so special, my neighbor owns it for one, and will bring me home my meds if I'm feeling bad, he also helps recommend different meds for me. Also he and his wife feed our dogs if we go out of town! LOL I'm just made that now I have to ask my doc to change that patch. I think I can swing the cost increase for the Endo, but I can't do both. That's why I was asking what would be the next logical med to take the place of the Fentynal that works as well, but doesn't cost a bunch. I know that some people pay more, without insurance, but since my husband lost his job and makes only 1/4 of what he used to, $100 increase in meds a month is a bit of a crunch. And the lesser cost of the two other meds doesn't counter act it.

So, do you think my PM doc will prescribe morphine or something in that family? Of course I guess I'll know for sure when I have my next appt. but I was wondering if you may shed some light on what to expect. And I was going to ask him to refer me to a PT that is right near by me, but I'm afraid the cost of that will kill us. I may be able to swing it for a month, and hopefully he's in my network. Gosh, I hate all these polotics of insurance. Well, at least, I get to write the cost of the meds off at tax time.

Oh Shore, what do you think of the muscle relaxant Baclofen(sp?). I take Zanaflex, and it isn't helping so much, and neither does Soma. What muscle relaxant is actually a muslce "relaxant"? LOL

Oh, and have you ever heard of a program called "Tame the Pain"?

If anything, Shore, let us all know how you are. We worry about you.

Thanks again for being a hero.

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