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I'm doing fine now,but i know there will be a time when my med.won't work as good as they did at first. I'm taking 60 mg of oxycotin TID i'm just bringing this up to be prepared.We all know tolerance is a big factor with any pain med. But i was just wondering,when the time comes[1yr-2yrs etc] instead of raising my dosage say to 80 mg,do you's think it would be a good idea to try lets say 30 mg of oxycodone IR one every 4-6 hrs? I know oxycotin is time-released oxycodone,but i was thinking by changing from time-released to IR would help as much as raising the dosage of the oxycotin. I've tried just about everything in the past, the patch,ms cotin, diludid,and the way my body responds to meds. oxycodone seems to work the best.A while back, i was taking valium for muscle spasms and anxioty.I was taking 10 mg mid morning,and at dinner time,and one before bed.[m.d.d.30mg] They did help a lot . Now my new doc. has me on kolonopin .5 same times morning dinner and bedtime. The pharmacist told me that they are more long-lasting than the valium,but i'm not getting as much out of the kolonopin as the diazapam.I want to change back to the valium,but i haven't said anything yet to the doc. I figured i'd give the kolonopin a chance,but its been over 2 wks,and it hasn't worked as good as the valium. Do you's think i should give it more time before i mention anything to my doc.? My next app. is the 21 of july.And she is a wonderful doctor! She actually listens to me,and is very very concerned about getting my life so that i can handle the every day activities that peaple without chronic pain take for grant. Thanks for reading this,all of you's have been a great deal of help! I MEAN THAT!

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