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I have been taking Endocet 10/325 for 4 years for break through pain. This month my pharmacy switched from their regular endo to watson generic 10/325. I noticed an immediate difference in the strength/pain coverage of the new generic. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what is a patient supposed to do? The new generic compared to the endo brand is 1/2 the strength/coverage!!

The pharmacy even had a sticker on my meds which stated medication would not look the same as the previous med, etc. Why would they change after 5 years of carying the same endo brand? This is so upsetting as I rely on this med (endo 10/325) along with my long acting medication to control my pain...Should I call the pharmacy? Dr.??

Any advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated,
Just an FYI,I have used many different watson pain meds over the years and actually feel they are normally pretty superior in quality than some others i have tried.ironically,its the Endo version of certain pain meds that seem to give people the most problems.strange.maybe someone else has had your same issue with the watson but i just wanted to mention my experiences with using them.i hope things work out for you,Marcia
Watson is generally a pretty good pharmaceutical company. With most narcotics they put out, people report pretty good results.

However, Endo is the company that makes brand name Percocet. They also make their own generic called Endocet. So you are getting the same drug from endo whether you use the generic or brand from them.

Different companies use different fillers in their meds, and you may be noticing something there. But usually Watson does a pretty good job.

I don't know why they would change after all those years unless they are getting it cheaper. Ask them to order it for you. Sometimes they will, especially if you are filling it there every month.

I also use endocet 10/325 and prefer it to others myself. I know that I'm getting the same as percocet (same company). Hopefully they will order it in for you

Good luck

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