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Hey Boomer: If I understand your post correctly, your base medicaton is Methadone. Your breakthrough med is Oxycodone. You take 6 tabs of the Oxy everyday, is that right?

Well, #1, if you're taking apap on a regular basis, the maximum per day should be around 2,800 mg. You can take up to 4,000 mg if you do it on a once in awhile basis. #2, and the most important part of your post, is that you should not be including your bt meds with your daily regiman. Methadone is your base med and if you can't get by on that and have to take the Oxys everyday, than your base med (Methadone) needs to be increased. Breakthrough medication is for just that. To handle the pain when it gets worse than it normally is daily. There should be days you need none at all. Other days you might need to take the six, but not every day.

I suggest you talk to your doctor about increasing your Methadone. How much of the Meth do you take? I'm on 60 mg TID, with no breakthrough medication. You really do need to talk this over with the doc and see what can be done to cut back on your breakthrough meds. Also, you can get Oxycodone without the apap if you want. Your doc can write a script for Oxy IR, which comes in 5, 15, and 30 mg doses. That way you get no apap at all. Surprising, there are a lot of doctors that don't know this.

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