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Hey Hurtin': You don't say how long you've been taking the Oxycodone, or what type it is. I assume it's not Oxycontin, but either Percoset or Oxy IR. If so, the length of time you've been on the 120 is kind of important so we know if your Opiate tolerant. If it's Percoset you're right at the maximum daily level of apap, and should not really exceed about 2,800 mg per day if it's an on-going intake. 4,000 is max, but 2,800 is reccomended if you're taking it daily.

I am on 180 mg per day, 60 mg TID, and have been at this dose for almost four years now, with no BT meds. Doctors normally will start patients low and titrate up until they find a dosage the patient feels comfortable with and it is handling the pain. Normal starting dose is 5-10 mg TID. In your case, assuming you've been on opiates for sometime, I would say you should be able to start at 10 mg QID. After a week, your doctor should discuss this dose with you and go from there. It takes five days for your blood serum to reach it's max with Methadone. After a week, if you are still not comfortable an increase would most likely be in order. Depending on the doctor and your history, 10 mg steps would seem to be appropiate.

I hope this helps you some. If there's anything else specifically I can try to answer, please don't hesitate. Good luck to you.

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