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I am still fairly new here but some of you know I am on the 100Mcg Fentanyl Patch made by Sandoz--have been for several years--Changed insurance with the new year and got my first 3 months of Patches today and they are made by Mylan--Pharmacist said that they were fine--looking at them, they look quite a bit smaller--how can they possibly have the same rate etc.--In the others you can see the medicine---In these you cannot--must be mixed with the glue? I like the fact that they are smaller, but remain suspicious--hehe Anyone with experience on changing generics in patches? Thanks--Roger
Dear Roger,

I never experienced such a crappy, painful month as I did when the patches first went generic. My pharmacy had the option to order either form of the generics (Sandoz or Mylan) as it pertained to my insurance agreeing to pay. I had no reason to suspect anything inferior about the Mylan Patch, but I went through an entire month of hell. I assume I went through withdrawal or something similar. Not only did I experience withdrawal symptoms, but I started having all of my pain problems returning to their pre-treatment levels.

My pharmacy buys the Sandoz 75 mcg patches for me--3 boxes per month. However, everyone else who gets their patches there uses the Mylan type--with the exception of a few patients still using the actual Janssen Brand Name. I guess I'm the only patient at my pharmacy who can tell the difference. The Sandoz version is made by the same company who makes the brand version (Janssen). So, they are practically identical--[U]including having the "goo" in the patch.[/U]

The Mylan patch has another form of administration because--as you indicated--it really appeared to be bone-dry!

I've gone on and on. To sum it up...The Mylan patch does not work on me--not one iota. The Sandoz patch works as well as the Janssen Brand, which it should since they are both manufactured by the same lab! However, quite a few others will adamantly attest to the success rate they've experienced with the Mylan patch. Go figure!!

Jon (Conductor)
Thanks Jon--Guess I will find out--will start the Mylan tomorrow so will know soon enough--Still have some of the Sandoz left--will save just in case--really hope these Mylan are OK--don't know what I could do if they are not as good (at least as far as insurance goes)--maybe different pharmacies carry different ones? Well, if I have an experience like yours, I will definately call insurance company and see if I can exchange or whatever--Thanks again
I use the Mylan, and do good with them, and i like the size. I tried the Sandoz, and I recall now that I think they worked a little better. They felt stronger!~
Good luck, let us know what happens!
I started on the Mylan and hated them. I though something was wrong, like I wasn't putting it on right or something. It felt like I put a peice of tape. I just couldn't beleive there was anything in it. My PM doc told me when he first prescibed the patch to use the non-generic only. He even expressed with a tone that he did not want me to use the generic as he has never has sucsess with his patience on the generic. Well when I went to my pharmacy with the script, they only had generic, SUPRISE, not. That is all pharmacies like to have is generic (less money out of there pocket to stock and bigger profit margins). Anyway I took the generic with no choice. Low and behold they stunk. I went back to my doc after a 2 week try and told him they stunk. He asked why did I get the generic and I told him the reason. He said go back and get non-generic (the ones where you see the goo). Well what a difference a goo makes!

Much better. and stick much better. The non generic was off in a day. These non-generics janssen stick so good, sometimes I can't pull them off.

Cali Chris
Hello Everyone!!!

This is a touchy subject, because everyone is different. My personal experience is when I tried the Mylan generic, I went into severe withdrawals. After a couple of days, I called my doctor and explained what was happening. He told me he had so many complaints about the generic fentenyl that he only prescibes the brand name to all his patients that are on that med.

I was so upset about what happened that I contacted the FDA and filed a report against Mylan Brand generic. Obviously it didn't do ant good because the product is still out there.

Take care,
Hi All--
The funny thing is that I have been on the generic made by Sandoz and they are identical in every way to the name brand Duragesic--even made in the same factory I think--I cannot tell the difference--But these Mylan brand are quite a bit different--Unfortunately, I just picked up 6 boxes for my 3 month supply--they do work for me--just not as well--I am going to ask the pharmacist if he can get the Sandoz next time (Probably less profit for him, as I know the Sandoz are only slightly less expensive than the name brand Duragesic)--Today is day 2 with the Mylan brand for me and absolutely are not as effective--wish they were because I like the size!
I went today to refill my patches. IM on the mylan brand. My doc said to get the brand name because they stuck better, if I wanted. So I priced them, and there was 100.00 difference if I got the brand. So I stuck with the mylans Now I wish I would have tried the brand name. :eek: or the Sandoz, sounds like they work better.
I do not like them--called pharmacist and he will exchange them--I will have to pay the difference--6 boxes--Ugh--glad I have some leftover--I think the amount will be about $25/box if I calculated correctly, but at least I will get the Sandoz--Much, much better it seems to me--no comparison!
I know, I think ill change next time. I wish I would have today. Let me know what you think ok?
Like I said the Generic is compared to a peice of scotch tape sticking to you. Not much of a difference. I actually think the scotch tape works better :D
[QUOTE=djemcee;2749149]Like I said the Generic is compared to a peice of scotch tape sticking to you. Not much of a difference. I actually think the scotch tape works better :D[/QUOTE]

Funny thing is that the Sandoz IS a generic--but identical in every way to name brand--Now, I am reading about a 3rd type that is in the approval process with FDA--on my way to pharmacy to change out the Mylan (worthless to me) and get the Sandoz.
Well, went to pharmacy and they took back the Mylan--ordering the Sandoz for me, will have next Tuesday--just have a higher co-pay--$100 instead of $30 for 6 boxes--well worth it to me!
Hi Everyone!

The thing about the two generics is that if you are started on the Mylan, then you may not know the difference between the Sandoz or Duragesic Brand. In other words I have been on Duragesic before they even made a generic and when the generics came out I was given the Sandoz first and after that I was given the Mylan. I started having complete withdrawals from the Mylan.

I called my doctor and explained what was happening and he said many of his patients were experincing the same thing. So now, I only get the Brand Name Duragesic. Yes, I pay a larger copay but I think it is worth every penny.

But again, everyone is different and we all have different experiences in how we react to different meds. So whatever works for you :)

Take care,
I have decided that Im going to switch just to see if it works better for me. The sandoz has to be better even than the Mylan. I put a patch on last night and this morning had horrible b/t and feel like Im having w/d. That used to happen on the second day, and now the first. I may even get a new script tomorrow, and start over then. Im miserable today. I tried the Sandoz once, and it seemed stronger. Anything would be better. Plus then I could get by on the b/t meds I have for the week.
i find yalls replys interesting i have been using the mylan and it does very well for me. I am wondering if it is just different for every person, sorta like why in some cases some allergy meds work for one person and nada for the next one?
I found with the patch i have tered down on bt meds. So i am grateful for them
You know, probably if I hadnt ever tried any other type, I wouldnt have known!~ I kept on these for the cost. I get 1 box for 76.00 If i go to brand its 178.00. so thats why I went back after trying one box of the Sandoz. Im sure there are alot of ppl who do great on them. I like the size, because i tend to wear boy beater tanks alot, and they dont look as HUGE! but I guess it comes down to pain relief, and if the others do better for me, Ill sure stay with them. It is interesting to hear all of the different responses. IM faily new to these, so maybe if Id been on them alot longer, I could tell a huge difference. I tried these for the first box, then my second box was sandoz, and now i have used these i think only one more month or so. Who knows~
This is amazing to find this thread on the board, my mom and I just had a conversation about the patch and the same thing has happened to her. She originally was on the Janssen Durgesic patch and it worked great! her last refill the pharmacy gave her the Mylan, she inquired about the change to the Phamicist and was told they were exactly the same but cheaper. My mom was happy about the cost and she tried it, oh my God, she began having withdrawal symptoms and her pain was awful. Also the patch would not stay on properly. She called her Doctor and he was really mad that the pharmacist
was telling patients that the patches were the same. He called the pharmacy
(maybe it was the nurse) and had the pharmacy take them back and give her
the Durgesic patches which should have been given to her in the first place.
This is really upsetting because once you achieve a tolerable pain level you want to remain this way and then with a change of pain medication you could be put back to the original pain level you started with. Have a great weekend!
[QUOTE=catsblueeyes1;2753437]This is amazing to find this thread on the board, my mom and I just had a conversation about the patch and the same thing has happened to her. She originally was on the Janssen Durgesic patch and it worked great! her last refill the pharmacy gave her the Mylan, she inquired about the change to the Phamicist and was told they were exactly the same but cheaper. My mom was happy about the cost and she tried it, oh my God, she began having withdrawal symptoms and her pain was awful. Also the patch would not stay on properly. She called her Doctor and he was really mad that the pharmacist
was telling patients that the patches were the same. He called the pharmacy
(maybe it was the nurse) and had the pharmacy take them back and give her
the Durgesic patches which should have been given to her in the first place.
This is really upsetting because once you achieve a tolerable pain level you want to remain this way and then with a change of pain medication you could be put back to the original pain level you started with. Have a great weekend![/QUOTE]
Have the pharmacist get you the Sandoz--they are only little cheaper than the Janssen but are IDENTICAL--even the glue--they are made in the same manufacturing facility and by the same people--only the name is different--I know all this for a fact as my brother is a research chemist and does business with Alza thru Johnson-Mathey (manufacturer of Fentanyl I think)--As a customer, I personally hate the Mylan--they simply do not work for me--Between the Sandoz and Janssen, there is literally NO difference except labeling--even packaging is identical--Good Luck
Aftering reading this post (stupid me didn't notice it before) I am now seriously wondering if this is not my problem. I just started the 100mcg and put a post on the board about it. My Pharmacist prefers this brand because she claims they stick better.

The first 2-3 patches were pure hell! I slept non stop and my pain levels went through the roof and still are pretty high. I'm not as tired now as I was and I'm wondering if I wasn't actually going through Morphine withdrawal and the Mylan just wasn't working well enough to prevent the withdrawals.

I am definately going to call the pharmacy and ask if they will be sure to have the Sandoz available for me when I get my refill. The bad thing is I am leaving to see my parents in Puerto Rico the day after so if they don't have it in stock I will be stuck with the Mylan for another month and will definately change pharmacies if I have to.

This post was very enlightening and helped to answer my self doubt about the patch. I went from 180mg of MS Contin straight to the 100 patch. According to their own conversion it is on the high side (but it also says that 50% of the people do require a higher level after the 2nd patch). I thought for sure this would work because it was such a higher level compared to my MSC and it has not.

Every single one of my joints hurt and that has not happened in many many years. I do believe I can attribute it to the brand. I know when it comes to Vicodin there's a specific brand I prefer, it's a very powdery pill compared to a different brand which is shiny white and hard. The Powdery pill actually works well and if I have the other brand I actually have to take 2 to get the same effect as 1 of the other so I do believe you guys on this one based on my own experience with a different product.

One more thing, I have seen mentioned in posts that the mfg will send you patches to cover the patches to help them stay on. Who do I contact? We aren't allowed to post phone numbers but if you can tell me the companies name I can work with that and maybe find them. I am concerned that when I switch they won't stick well because these one's do not stick well at all and I do clean my skin and even put some tape over it to prevent edge lift. My last patch that I changed I noticed wasn't even sticking anywhere!

BTW as far as the releasing, the medication is sandwhiched between two layers of silicone I believe it is. They are made identical to how a smoking patch is where as the Sandoz and name brand, as you know, has a resevoir system. This is why it is so small and thin. [b]In theory[/b] it should actually have a better control over the release of the medication but obviously they got something wrong in their formulation. Perhaps the layer of silicone is too thick and not allowing the medication to pass through it in the appropriate amounts is all I can think of.

When I had my hip replaced again in August I was on the patch while in the hospital for a few days along with my MSC (yes I know double LA's but they could not control the pain because too high of MSC and my bp drops to lethal levels). They used the Sandoz brand and it did make a difference in my pain although the patch was a 50mcg instead of 100.

Thanks again
Hi Barbie!!!

The covers that you are talking about are only given if you are on the name brand Duragesic. They have gotten very strict about this, they now want you mail them the pharmacy receipt that has your name and the brand Duragesic. I am on the name brand and have them send me the covers, and that is what I had to do.

Take care,
I got the Sandoz yesterday, applied it last night at the same time as I would have the Mylan, and I felt it within 2 hours. Usually the mylans take me at least 6. Also I woke up at 3 am, and was wide awake, which never happens, went back to sleep and woke up this morning feeling great. Im really happy with these so far and they stick like mad! I showered this morning and it didnt even raise along the edges or anything. I hope they continue to work well for me, and I hope that everyone can try them if they so desire.
Hi ,

I am so happy that you are receiving relief, it is amazing how different manurfactorers of medication although the same drug can work or not work for people. I myself am only on oral pain medication and I wish that my Doctor would give me something longer lasting like the patch, I am nervous
to talk with her about this but the regimine I am on and have been on for the year is starting not to work as well. I guess I need a little more guts to make a suggestion to her. Have a great night!:wave:
Thanks cats,
I can definately tell a difference with the Sandoz. I hope I never have to go back to the Mylan again~ I was on oral meds for about 5 months before my doc switched to the patch for me. I have some short acting hydos i use for b/t. Good luck with your appt!
p,s. My doc suggested the patch for me, so I didnt have to take meds around the clock. It is a lot nicer~
Glad you are happy with the Sandoz IZZY'SMOM--I am too--Was relieved that my pharmacy took back the remaining 5 boxes of Mylan and ordered the Sandoz--higher co-pay, but well worth it. Can't imagine anyone preferring the Mylan--saw this issue in another thread also regarding percocet generic's--they are not the same.
Hey Roger!
OMG, I can tell a 1000% worth of difference. Im so happy. When i used the mylans, my second day was horrible, now with the sandoz, i feel as good on the second day as I did the first day! Today, was my first day, and I didnt need any b/t meds, which was a shocker.:eek: :eek:
So Im so glad to have found this board. I hope it lasts.:wave: :wave: Thanks for the reply!!!
Hi I am fairly new to the board. i am experiencing inability to sleep with the Sandoz. I don't have pain but I also found that I need to keep the old patch on for at least 1 hour when I change them or I have withdrawl symptoms. I want to thank all of you because this has really helped me with your input. I came to this cold from oxycotin 200mg/day and started Sandoz 1-15-07 75mcg. I am still trying to figure out what works for me. Rick:jester:
whippetrunfast--I also was on oxycontin 160mg/day (80 twice a day)--then dr started me on the 50Mcg for 1 month, then 75Mcg for a month and now at the 100Mcg--I have learned to really like them with only a few drawbacks--not sleeping at first, but now much better--just takes your body time to get used to it I guess--You didn't say what your medical condition is--may I ask? Does your dr give you anything for bt pain (breakthrough)--sometimes I need percocet on the 3rd day also have trouble keeping the patch on unless it is taped on upper arm. Reading through this board and others has helped me understand quite a bit more than I did about all pain management and I am grateful to have found it. IZZY"SMOM--I am glad you are happier with the Sandoz (even if they are larger--saves on the bt meds (I save mine for when I really need them--3rd day--But now my insurance will pay for every 2 days--just have to convince dr--don't think that will be a problem though--it seems as if many people in here have trouble convincing dr that they really need these opiates--Thankfully, I have not had that problem--maybe because my dr believes me--I have never abused meds--at least I dont think I have--It seems as if some people actually get "high" or something--I do not.
My best to all--
Whitfield: thanks for the info. I have advanced OA in 6 vertebra of my upper back and neck. I was injured in an accident 2yrs ago. I have not worked since 9-29-06 and my Dr told me to take 40 mg oxycotin for b/t pain. I gues my body will adjust as I go along. I was on oxycotin for almost 1 1/4 years. Thanks Rick:jester:
I have only been lasting 62 hours with the Mylan patch. I am hoping the other brand will last the full 72 hours as my pain mgmt doctor will not let me change before 72 hours. I am going through withdrawals right now every third day. It really sucks and it becomes painful. I am hoping by switching brands, I will not have to go thru this twice a week. Let me know your thoughts.
onyxgates--I am confident that if you change to the Sandoz generic you will be in much less pain even on day 3--I know everyone is different, but on this point, most if not ALL users are in agreement. The Mylan brand should be removed from the market--I called them and told them exactly that (I don't think they like me now!) The difference is obvious to any who have used both (me included) Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
I agree with Whit~ I hope you can try the Sandoz. they helped me a ton. I saw my doc for a bit this morning, and hes wanting me to try to make them last 3 days. I have been changing every 48 hrs. Plus Im allowed 4 b/t meds a day now. And my script has to last a week. So in all honesty I feel thats fair. Good Luck, Onx~ Im so happy to have found all of you guys, or Id be stuck with those Mylans. Oh one other thing....I did get brand name for my b/t meds, guess Ill see how thats works as well. Some ppl do well on the mylans, I personally dont. Take care!:wave:
My doctor has finally agreed to letting me switch my patch every 60 hours vs. every 72. He finally agreed that I didn't need to go through withdrawal every third day. THANK GOODNESS!!! It was terrible. I am also switching from the Mylan to the Sandoz. I still have three patches left so it will take a couple of days but I will update you all when I switch.
Thats super!
here is what I have found as well...When I change my sandoz every 2 days, I still have quite a bit of gel left...Ive been so crunched with my b/t meds, I didnt want to try to go the 3rd day. Maybe i could, but my doc lets me change every 48, so I dont want to risk going thru w/d the third day. I have so much going on, and I cant risk it. Plus, Im going back to work next week,. and need to really be on top of my game.
I do know that even on the second day of the Sandoz, I still get pretty good relief~ on the second day of Mylans, I was eating my b/t meds.
Im SO happy for you Onyx~ Let us know how you do!
p.s. When my doc changed me to Sandoz, I wasnt ready for a refill,, and I didnt care...I paid 30.00 more out of pocket just to have the relief.
Good Luck!:angel: :angel: :angel:
IZZY'SMOM:wave: Hi Whit!
How much more were the Sandoz vs. the Mylan? I am picking up my prescription today and was just wondering what to expect. I know what you mean about the Mylan working 100% the first day and then getting less and less. I am going on hour 40 and I can tell it is a little less. That's okay because I can handle a little more pain. I will use all of the Mylan's first before switching.

You are returning back to work???? Have you been off lately? Is this related to your back? Have a good day...GO BEARS :)
Hi Onx~
Hi, yes I have been off since last May. But Im going back next week. I inherited two small children ages 5 and 8 in May, due to my best friend and her small son drowning in Hawaii, and I have a 10 yr old as well, so I had to make some changes. Anyway, As far as the sandoz and mylans, I think the Sandoz are maybe 20.00 more? Ill check for sure, nut due to everyones insurance, it can be different.
I cant wait to hear how you do! GO BEARS 4 SURE!!:bouncing:
What a terrible accident. I hope that you and the kids are easing through this transition. It is a wonderful gift that you are taking care of your friends children. I could tell by your posts that you are a caring person. You are so polite and compasionate to others who post. I am sure you are providing the two children a wonderful home. I don't want to go to far off topic as we might get in trouble but just know that I admire your courage.

Good luck returning back to work.
Thank you so much for the kind words. Actually you can yahoo or google search it and there are some stories.
I will say that the Sandoz work quicker for me, but I may try leaving the old one on for an hour or so while I apply the new one. I put my new one on this morning and had some crappy w/d's for awhile.
Good Luck!
Hey all.
I am new to the forum and to the patch.
I have Kaiser and they only give me the mylan patches.
They suck.
They come off all of the time and I am in pain all of the time.
Does anyone here have Kaiser and get the other brands of patches.
If this is how its going to be i am going back to oral meds.
I woke up this morning and was co cripled i couldet walk.
I havent been thisway since i ran out of meds.
I wish i could switch.
I will see if i can pay for the non generics and may be i will fell better.
I just ran out of b/t meds so i cant even supliment.
Anyways i just wanted to whine.
Thanks every one.
All of the posts were really informative.
Of yea how much do the name brands cost?
i have seen some posts that said up to $600.
Hi Mind~
I hope you can switch....there is no diff between the name brand and the Sandoz. they are made in the same factory, and cost me the SAME or maybe 20.00 more than then Mylans, which are *****.
I have eaten my b/t meds like candy, and have had to go thru w/d because i ran out too quickly, and even tho my doc has let me slide a few days, its not fun.
I switched to the Sandoz and i feel 1000000000000% better. I hope you feel better soon, and can get some relief.
My doc had one other pt. out of the 3 he treats for CP, that had the same problem, and IM SO happy that it wasnt just me. At least there was someone else who had probs.
Hang in there!
IZZY'SMOM:wave: :wave:
P.S. WELCOME TO THE FORUM! i hope you stay, and get the support and answers you're looking for. xoxoxox
[QUOTE=IZZY'SMOM;2780155]Hi Mind~
I hope you can switch....there is no diff between the name brand and the Sandoz. they are made in the same factory, and cost me the SAME or maybe 20.00 more than then Mylans, which are *****.
I have eaten my b/t meds like candy, and have had to go thru w/d because i ran out too quickly, and even tho my doc has let me slide a few days, its not fun.
I switched to the Sandoz and i feel 1000000000000% better. I hope you feel better soon, and can get some relief.
My doc had one other pt. out of the 3 he treats for CP, that had the same problem, and IM SO happy that it wasnt just me. At least there was someone else who had probs.
Hang in there!
IZZY'SMOM:wave: :wave:
P.S. WELCOME TO THE FORUM! i hope you stay, and get the support and answers you're looking for. xoxoxox[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the reply.
Sometimes i hate Kaiser although i had blue sheild for a few monthes and had the worst experiance ever.
The pain management doc i got wanted to take my off of everythingand said i was too young to have these kind of problems.
He didnt even look at my MRI.
I got another job because of that and got back on Kaiser with my old Doc.
He is pretty great but I dont think he knows much about the patch.
I have real bad head aches on these and dry mouth and constipation.
I know its gross but Its true.
I called the pharmacy and the Mylan are the only ones they have so i think i have to go back to the oral drugs.
I dont know what else to do.
oh well.
I guess it could be worse.
thanks again and i will be here as long as people are still posting.
I have Aetna and ended up only paying 50 it doesn't matter if I chose Sandoz or Mylan since they are both generic my max out of pocket is $50. I haven't tried them yet as I still have two more Mylan patches. I will swith end of next week. I will be sure to post my results. By the way, I am assuming Kaiser is your insurance so I was wondering how they determine which brand you get? Can't you try a different pharmacy? I called around and found one that carried the sandoz brand. How long have you been on the patch? You may need to get a higher dose.
I can only use Kaisers pharmacys.
They onlyhave one open on weekends and I asked them if i could switch and it apears tha they only offer the Mylan patch for generic. I can get the non generic but it runs $300 for a 20 patch supply.
I havent felt this bad since befor i got diagnosed with ddd mild stinosis of the spinal cord. please forgive the spelling but i have a migran that could bring down a horse.
I have had these head achs since i started.
I cant deal with this.
anyways i have done enough bitching on this site.
I just wanted to thank you guys for replying to my posts and for the support.
I am sure i will live but i dont know what kind of life this is.
I will most likely talk to my doc tomorow and get this fixed.
I just hope i can work so i still have a job after this is all over.
I will be on later if i can handle looking at the screen.
Hi Joey!
I just logged on to see if youd posted, and I wanted you to know that no matter what, we are here for you, and I hope this can work out for you. Your story makes me so thankful that can get the meds I need, but honestly, it p*sses me off to NO end to see more un needless suffering from the insurance companies being a**s.
Please hang in there, and Im going to re-read all of yourt posts and see if I can fiind you some help. I know sometimes when we read ppls posts saying that they are trying to help us, that it feels like..."yeah, right, what can you do for me, and in the mean time Im suffering..." Well I want you to know that Im pooling my resources here tomorrow and hope I can give you some hope. PLEASE hang in there and Im pullin for ya!;) ;) ;)
IZZY'SMOM:angel: :angel: :wave: :wave: :wave:

P.S. MY pharmacy is a City Market [Kroger} and the ordered mine for me....IM in a town size of 5,000 and we have a Walmart pharmacy that carried the Sandoz, but I need to stay with city Mark-up because they give me a better price. They ordered ONE box for me to see if they could, and it went thru...If you ask your pharmacy, that can SOMETIMES get what you want!~

My dearest Onyx~ Da bears.....what can i say..:[
I just talked to the phamacist and they have to order the nongenerics.
I have to wait untill wednesday to pick up them and my b/t meds.
I am still waiting for both my Primary care and pain management docs to call me back to tell them what a difficult time i am having with these.
I am doubting they will call me back today since they never do on Mondays.
I am at work today and miserable but at least i can say that it should only be two more days of this.
I am going to call my docs again and I will let you all know how it goes.
Thanks again for the replys and the help.I wish i wouldent have filled them at the pharmacy i did since they dont have them in stock but what can you do.
Thanks again Izzymom for all of the support.
I does make me feel a little better.
I've had Kaiser insurance many years ago and I know you have to use their pharmacy if you want to get your meds under their plan. What I don't remember, is will they order in a different generic for you? It might be worth it to talk to the Head Pharmacist and see if they would be willing (or if they even can) do a special order for you. I don't have Kaiser now, but I did that very thing with my pharmacy and asked them to stock the Roxane brand of Methadone for me and they did. I didn't wqant anything to do with Methadose after getting one script filled with it.

See if you can do something about a different generic. If not, maybe you will have to switch meds, if possible.
thanks everyone for the support.
I did just that and they are checking in to it for me.
The only problem is I have to work and I feel so horrible I just want to crawl into a hole and...
Well I’m sure everyone here has been thought the same situation so I just need to buck up and deal.
I am going to suck it up and buy the name brand on Wednesday.
I am doubling up on the doses until then and try to keep the migraines under control with ibu 800 until then.
Thanks for the input and the support.
I have great news.
My Pain Doc just called and he is out of the office today but he is going to put me back on MS Contin.
I havenít been on Morphine for over a year and I think the change will work better than the 80 mgs of Oxy's 3x daily i was taking before I started on the patches.
He is going to have the script for me in the morning so I donít have to suffer until Wednesday.
I am still going to give the name brand patch a try and hopefully it will work better.
If not I have the oral meds to fall back on.
I havenít been this happy in months.
I can thank everyone enough for being there for me and all of the nice encouragement I got from everyone who replied to my post.
I just have to make it one more night but I figure I can load up on Zanax when I get home and sleep until the morning when I can refill them.
Also if anyone read my post on the Withdrawals post I take them for withdrawals and they make it tolerable instead of so horrible you wish for a quick death.
We all know what W/d's are like and if you can take those in the mean time and a muscle relaxer and ibu 800 you can go through the w/ds allot easier than cold turkey.
Just ask your doc for them as a back up plan incase you run out on a weekend and canít use the pharmacy like me.
My closest pharmacy is closed on the weekends and is only open 8:00 to 5:00pm most days.
That is how I made it through today with out B/T meds and these damn Mylan patches not working.
I did double up on the patches to make this all a little less terrible.
I couldnít get the Zanax until today since my pharmacy was closed and the next closes 24 hour pharm is like 50 miles away.
I do have a car but canít drive when I am like this.
I am so amazed at the difference.
Kaiser actually got me the Sandoz brand and what a difference.
My vote goes to the Sandoz patches.
No headaches and i feel great.
Well that it for me on this thread.
I made the last 6 posts so i am sure every one is sick of seeing my posts on this thread.
Dear mindmltn,

I say a wholehearted "Amen" to your vote for the Sandoz generic! Since they are made by the same lab as the Brand Name Duragesic--they function just as well in my opinion. I'm glad this worked out so well for you!

Jon (Conductor)

A hey there from Corona, CA

We are practically neighbors. :) :)

Cali Chris

I too am on the patch but use the Janssen brand. They are the non generic patch. Made in the same factory as Sandoz from what I understand.
Hi Everyone!

Unfortunately, I have to purchase the name brand Duragesic. It is a higher copay for me, but I had terrible reactions to both the Sandoz and the Mylan. The Mylans were a complete nightmare. As far as the Sandoz, they are a little different even though they are both manufactured by Alza. The glue is different and they did not last me the whole 48hrs. This is just my experience, but I know tons of people of the Sandoz and do not have this problem. I say, whatever works for you, go for it.

Take care,
****Hi, everyone,this message is for everyone, so please read. pardon me for its length*****

I have been on every dose of both Sandoz and Mylan multiple times, and have asked multiple doctors and pharmicists (probably 45 all together) about the differences between the two and the answer always comes back the same: There is no difference! They all have the same amount of medicine, they all have the same side effects, etc.

However, last month I was hospitalized for sleep disorder, and a nurse told me that a lot of people who are in the hospital say the gel patches are stronger. So, maybe for some there is a difference. She said to me, "In my 40 years working here you are the first person to complain about the gel patches! Some people whine and cry and say they need the gels. This is when we suspect the person of being a drug abuser"

**** But a word of caution: pharmicists look at you very suspiciously if you specifically request the gel patches, probably because those are the ones that dozens of people every month overdose on because they snorted or injected the drug, making it hard for people likek us to get medicine we need. I've known people that have gone to pharmacies, were told the patches would go through and are in stock, and then asked for the gel patches. Then the pharmacist reluctantly takes the script and pretendes to fiddle with the computer and comes back and says that they do not have any of either left, or do not have enough of either to fill the full prescription, and then they do not offer to order them, and say some BS like "the narcotics cabinet is empty." then every time you go back to that pharmicy, that narcotic drawer seems to never have been refilled****

You will also find that many pharmacies do not carry the name brand patches. They are incredibly expensive. I have a pharmacy that lets you choose which kind you prefer, which is strange considering I have Welfare Medical Assistance for Life Sustaining Medication. (Please do not look down on me for that, I'm just having a rough time now and need my medicines) I figured the pharmacy would naturally just give me the cheapest available. Pharmacies I know that have both usually distribute the Mylans, which makes me surmise that they must be cheaper. Other stores only carry one or the other. I know the CVS's around my area only have the Sandoz. I prefer the Mylans because they are smaller. i am overweight and have a very unflattering body; my fat folds a lot making it hard to keep the gel patches on.

Yesterday I got 15 100mcg patches, to be changed every 48 hours. The price without insurance: $896 dollars! Actiq, the oral form of fentanyl is outrageously overpriced as well, much more than the patches. But overall, I think ultimately the patches perform the same function, but also that each person is different and has specific responses to medications.

I hope this information was helpful. Good luck on being pain free!

I have been on 175mcg/hr every 2 days for a little over 2 yrs, and I much prefer the mylan over sandoz. In fact, I tell my Pharmacist that if he doesn't have mylan, I'll go to another store in the chain to get them. Sandoz and Duragesic cause little blisters that are very painful all around the glue strip. They also do not stay on unless I tape them with Nexcare Waterproof tape. The mylans are much more comfortable and stay on with no help in all kinds of situations.
I have been using the fentanyl patch for two years. I either use the brand name Duragesic or the generic Sandoz. About a year ago, I tried the Mylan patch. I used it for about a month. It was okay, but I noticed it didn't help the pain as much. And then one day, a day after I put it on, I could not get out of bed. I became extremely depressed, naseated, sweaty, and in extreme pain. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, and when it went on into the next day, I thought it sounded like I was going through withdrawal. So I took off the Mylan patch and put on a Duragesic. Within 8 hours, I felt like myself again, the pain was subsiding, no more sweating, able to get out of bed, etc. I called the Mylan company the next day. The person I spoke with told me - yes, he TOLD ME that I had been going through withdrawal, [B]and that sometimes that happened with their patch[/B]. I was furious. I asked him if I should tell my doctor, and he said "No, because this was due to a faulty patch." Well, next time at the doctor, he asked me why I never told him I had an "adverse reaction" to the fentanyl. I told him I didn't. He showed me a letter that SOMEONE ELSE at the company had written. It said I called and complained that I had an adverse reaction. NO I DID NOT! So I called them back, wanting to talk to the person who wrote the letter AND to the person who told me it was a faulty patch, and no one would talk to me. About a week later, I got a letter stating that there was nothing wrong with their patch, and that I had an adverse reaction. They also told me that I didn't put it on correctly. What? I'd been using Sandoz for a year and never had an issue. I'd been using the Mylan for a month, and with the exception of not getting enough pain relief, I was using it correctly. So now I couldn't put it on correctly? PLEASE!!!!

Needless to say, I will NEVER use the Mylan patch again. I request my pharmacy to buy Sandoz, but if they don't, I gladly use the duragesic.

Anyway, I'll get off my soap box now. Have a great day!
Well enuff already. I finally joined. A friend of mine gave me the patch to try. A 50mcg/h Sandoz. I was very skeptical at first but the relief I got was amazing the first time. I have been on 40mg oxycontins 3x's per day. I cut them in to fourths to get the best releif from them. I don't want to advance to the 80 mg's. They make me sleepy and start to nod.

This patch seems AWESOME!! I have even cut back on my breakthrough meds. I was chewing 7.5 vicos like candy. I have a Great pain mgmt. team with whom I can be very open with. I'm definately going to see if I can get the Sandoz patch on my next refill.

I really want to THANK all of you out there for sharing your strength and hope with each other. Izzys Mom I can relate to so much that you have to say. THANK YOU!!

I will be back aqnd will be reading and posting more and more. It seems that I'll be around with my problem for quite sometime.


Sean :wave: :wave:
This is a really good question. I am on the Duragesic Patch 100mcg/hr also. I have tried them all, i got the mylan brand by accident, i wasn't aware that it was out and when i filled my rx i received this instead. I thought it would be the same so i opened it up and was surprised at how different it looked and how small, but i decided to try it. It was AWFUL, it put me into withdrawals! I had to tell my doc and he said not to take it, he has alot of patients who say the same thing about the withdrawals. I didn't even feel like i was taking it when it was on. My doc now specifies Brand necessary on the rx's that or i specifically ask for the Sandoz brand. Mylan stinks, at least i think so. I asked some pharmacists and they are trying to tell me that patients like them better,etc., i don't know how. I know that the other kind fall off alot but the mylan do not work medicine wise. So, i would suggest to use the sandoz or the brand name. You can go to and print out a coupon for the brand name patches and save $20 towards your copay for the brand name ones which is the Jannsen/duragesic, and i like them better, and so does my doc.
whitfield: The only patches I used for 2 years were mylan....then my pharmacy found a better deal on the gel-packet type...mylan was by far the best - better adhesive quality, less irritation. Mylan did not seem to have any less pain-reduction than the gel types.::jester:
methadose....what a nightmare that was...was on it 1 month and went in for the next appt and burst into tears. saw shadows in my peripheral vision, voices echoed, my photographic memory forgot almost everything and the final straw was when I was about to get on the freeway(!) to drive to work and sat in my car for 60 seconds (at least) looking at my keys and wondering why I was looking at my keys. NEVER AGAIN! Rather have patches or morphine, although morphine and I had problems I don't want to repeat either. I'll stick with patches and percocet.
Well my experience between the two is that Sandoz works much better for me than Mylan does. If you do experience the allergic reaction to the adhesive from the Sandoz or Duragesic patch you can use a cortisone nose spray such as Nasonex to put on the skin before applying the patch which will prevent the allergic reaction. I have also recently heard of appyling an anti-persperant such as Aarid extra dry to the skin before appyling the patch to prevent the reaction as well.

Please do not respond to messages older than 30 days or so. Always start a new thread if the one you wish to respond to is old, especially if you have your own questions.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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