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hi Everyone
I wanted to post this to get people opinions/feedback. As you are probably aware my GP Changed my Endone to Oxycontin- I did not seem to tolerate it at all-besides being a 10mg daily drop- that left me in pain it also cause horrid headaches... Anyway I ended up putting myself back on Endone 5mg -4x daily Sunday enough was enough..I now have muscle weakness back again..I have since also added panadeine for extra pain relief which I don't think helps)
I also jarred my neck on Saturday night which has not help, then don't ask me how the dog used my neck as a spring-board early Monday Morning while I was still in bed:eek:
I saw the GP today- we talked about Norspan (Buprenorphine) he has written a script for 5's- (comes in 5, 10's, 20's) From what I have read this means the drugs diffuses through from the patch through the skin @ 5 microgram/hours-it takes it abouty 18 hours to be detectable buprenorphine concentrations and I think reading it takes about three days to get the full affect..the total dose on the patch is 5mg..The patch is changed every 7 days.
From what I can gather this patch is a fairly new treatment mode in Australia. Has anyone got experiences/thoughts-things are all over the place.
The GP is now doing some blood tests for Adrenals, muscle weakness etc- after I pushed him to rule out any other pathology that might me evident. I think I have mentioned - I have NO and I mean no get and and go. I have put on about 5 kilo's in the last month:(

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