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Lyrica is just another one of those 'iffy' meds.some have no problems with it and others do.i personally had huge problems with it,but it did help with types of pain that nothing else did.the trade off was just too much tho and i had to go off or i would never be able to actually even drive my car is something that should at least be tried anyways.

i am just wondering why your doc would go directly from hydrocodone and way up to the fent patch?thats just kind of a big huge leap there.there are other meds like oxycontin or even just oxycodone that could be much more helpful and not as strong.i just personally wouldn't want to make such a huge jump to the highest of the meds(strength wise) when something less would work just as well ya know?tolerance would be a much bigger issue for you if you go right up to the fent than if you were able to maintain with something a little less have to think of the long term here if this is indeed a long term pain situation.the tolerance thing is really my biggest fear as i will be on narcotics probably the rest of my life unless they can come up with other alternatives that would work for me.i would just discuss this with your doc when the subject of trying another med pops just have to plan ahead and do things right now,in order to actually have something that will still work for you later on.i do hope the lyrica works out for you.keep us posted.Marcia

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