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Re: Too Much??
Dec 14, 2007
[QUOTE=Hokey1050;3349112]I'm just curious as to how many milligrams of oxycodone is too much? My sister and I both suffer from the same chronic pain disorder. However we live in different states. She is taking 60-80 milligrams every 4 hours. Is this too much? I only take 30 mg. every 4 hours. And just to be clear this is just plain old oxycodone, no tyelenol, and not oxycontin(no time release)Thanks for any input.[/QUOTE]

Too much?

This is a question only you, your sister, and your relative doctors can answer. If the pain warrants it then the dose is correct. But, as others have stated, high doses of short acting medications may not be in your best interest. We have all dealt with facing the hard questions about long-term narcotic use, and none of us want to be dependent on anything higher than what's needed.

I'm really surprised your doc is allowing such a high dose of immediate release (IR) meds. Usually, the IR meds are used short term to determine the daily total needed, then the patient is switched to a long acting (LA, SR) med. Oxycodone is the big time. Getting tolerant to a high dose leaves you with few choices of alternative opioids. Now is the time to get on a LA med. I agree with Brianpain33, that with your tolerance to oxy, getting on a LA alternative like the fentanyl patch, or even Methadone would be a good choice. The best thing to do is take this new found info to your doc and see what he/she thinks is best.

Best of Luck!:)


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