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IBAKE - I am sorry you are suffering so badly. This week has been horrible and I imagine all cpers are hurting something fierce. If we have a week like this next week, I will need to be committed.

As far as seeing another surgeon, I am not sure what I am going to do. My doctor, gp, told me today he would do whatever I wanted. He did mention a neurologist, Dr. Azzam located in Woodbridge, VA that is very good. He told me to be prepared for a completely different diagnosis, being told their is nothing they can do, or more surgery :( . At this point, I need to do some soul searching as to whom I want to see. I think if anyone said, more surgery at this point, I may have to throw something at them. I almost feel like I need to just coast for awhile. I am physically tired. Does this sound normal ??

Exec - I will go re-read that post. I emailed my hubby a copy of your response and he said, that you were very detailed and helped him understand what my doctor is doing. Thank you so much -- this is very confusing to us both. Although I have been suffering since 2004, I am just now hooking up with pain mgmt and getting the meds I deserve.

Steve, thank you so much for caring. It means so much to have someone pulling so hard for me that is an internet buddy. I get more support from here then from my friends - I don't share any of this with them. They just don't get it or even care to for that matter.

Steve, my doctor really wants me to switch but he is holding out for me and told me because of the oxycontin shortage we may be forced to change in two weeks. I like the fact that the oxycontin does not cause me side effects. I have had many life threatening reactions to medications and so far the only pain meds I can take is vicodin, percocet, and oxycontin. I am scared of having another reaction. My last reaction to meds - neurotin - I almost did not survive. I have pictures and wish I could post them. My face swelled up so badly that my eye lids sagged over my eyes and I could not see. My face was twice its normal size.

Steve, I will definitely call my doctor if things do not improve. I personally can't go thru another week like this week. I just was trying to hold out for my appt today. Thanks for caring but please don't make yourself sick.

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