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I wanted to give you my experience with taking tylenol long term. I have been on Norco and now down to tylenol 3 and darvocet. I was on the Norco for 4 years and had my pain drastically improve and wanted to wean down to something not as strong.

My pm dr said long term try to only use 2000mgs of Tylenol per day instead of the 4000 allowed.

Now, that being said I also took Milk Thistle daily as it is a powerful liver cleanser and had my liver function tested several times to make sure I was ok. That is the most important factor, get a liver panel run so you know you are ok.

I totally agree, if you are going to be on pain meds for the rest of your life, you can get one without any of these added ingredients that can harm you. Always keep track of your dose and how much you have taken for the day.

1000mgs is the max to take in one dose according to my pm dr, and I, like you had times where 2 hours later I had to take another 325 mgs due to severe pain. I would just be careful and always keep in check with your dr if your pain is not covered. You can also get Vicoden with ibuprofen and that way you can take 6-8 a day alternating one dose having tylenol the other having ibuprofen so you are not taking the same over the counter med all day. If you have any inflammation causing your pain, the vicoprofen helps much better anyway because ibuprofen helps with inflammation where as tylenol does not, it is only for pain relief.

You can also use a compounding pharmacy that can make a hydrocodone based pill with no additive like tylenol, can you ask about that?

There is also aspirin with codeine which can again help alleviate pain and inflammation.

Best of luck, this pm road is a long, tough one to get on the right path!

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