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just wondering whats up with this. i just came back from my regular pharm to pick up my regular monthly Rxes,only to find out from my pharm that there had been some sort of actual recall of the"Amide also known as Actavis" brand of the generic roxicodone. so i was given a new manufaterur brand from Ethex instead. the thing is,i have searched the DEA and FDA sites and also just did regular searches but to no avail. i simply cannot find anywhere what you would think would be pretty easy to track down? i did hit places during the searches that talked about it,but nothing from the places you would think would have it like the govt ones? i am just wondering if anyone else had this pop up recently when they got their generic roxi 5mgs filled?

i just want to know why this was recalled and my pharm really didn;t have a clue,just that they got a notice saying it had been recalled and they needed to take the remaining meds and send them back to the manufacturer. thanks for any help here. Marcia
OK I may have something on this. Actavis (Amide) has stopped manufacturing for a while until it resolves some FDA safety issues. I couldn't get my usual Actavis Oxycodone Monday. They had Mallincrodt and Ethex. Since I have had bad experiences with the Mallincrodt, I chose the Ethex. So far I am not impressed. It seems to be as weak as the Mallincrodt, or perhaps a little better but not much.
Even putting in actavis oxycondone recall - all that is coming up is fentanyl patch.

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