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If memory serves, there were two generic OxyContin products that made it to market a year or two ago by Actavis and either Endo or Watson. The OEM for OxyContin filed lawsuit and won, with the court ordering that the generics cease and desist.

Unless I'm mistaken, the reason the Actavis generic OxyContin has remained on the market is because they were allowed to sell remaining stock, which was substantial. Now they are finally running out, and there's been no change to the court order - so only brand OxyContin will be made.

As far as single-entity oxycodone (immediate release) tablets goes, I am unaware of any shortage.

Maybe others can chime in who know more?

A number of us have been told by our pharmacists that Actavis(Amide) Oxycodone IR was no longer available. We had to accept substitutes.
so others are now having this same problem too? just what reasons have you heard from pharms about the recall? i had gotten my last round of meds refilled about two weeks ago and was given a really strange looking oxy IR this time(it has red dye in it and is giving me headaches every dang time i have to take it. its from Ethex). she(the pharm) mentioned what they DID have before had just gotten recalled and they were told to send back any remaining IR to the manufacturer. but i could not find a thing either on any of the usual web sites. i even searched just "oxycodone recall" just to see if ANYTHING would pop up for me and really found nothiong but a couple places where others had mentioned the recall but nothing specific about why. my pharm didn't know why either,just did what they were told. when no one here had heard about it either i just assumed this was a local type thing,but i guess not afterall? i too would love to know the actual reason only becasue i am assuming i had taken it when i got my meds last month? just something we as patients should be told? thanks for mentioning this,i see i am not alone in this anymore. if you should find out anything at all can you post it here? enquireing minds would just really like to know. thanks,marcia
Welcome Kerri,

I'm sure you'll find this a great source of support for your pain management.

I was prescribed the Ethex generic for MS Contin (morphine), and it wasn't all that great, but I put up with it. Then the pharmacy switched to the Endo generic and I could immediately tell the difference. With the Endo it felt like my dose had been increased. I had no idea how much I'd been missing with the Ethex tabs.

Luckily my pharmacy has remained with the Endo generic ever since. I have told them about the difference between the two and asked that, if possible, they keep getting Endo for me.

Interestingly, a few months ago the Ethex 30mg and 60mg MS Contin generic tabs were pulled from the shelves out of fear that oversized tablets slipped through the manufacturing process containing possibly twice the proper amount of morphine. Then, during the last 4-6 weeks the same thing happened with the Endo generic for MS Contin. I was called by my pharmacy and all they did was ask me to bring in any tabs that looked too large. They had been working fine for me, and none seemed big, so I continue to take them w/o any problems.

I wonder if the various oxycodone tabs are running into the same manufacturing problems. With both Ethex and Endo suffering the same problem within months of one another, it just begs the question "is there a single manufacturer out there making tabs for both of these companies?" Well, what about oxycodone tablets? I had thought that these type of problems were limited to the fentanyl patches, but now the tablets are being recalled too.

Somebody must be able to make narcotic medications properly, wouldn't you think so? And keep a decent supply available? Or maybe this is a covert op by the [email protected] to get all drugs off the streets...

Hey txkerri,
Roxicodone is the brand name for Oxycodone IR by Roxane Labs. For some reason supplies of this seem to have disappeared also.

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