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[QUOTE=sophie56;4097804]My doctor gave me a spary and it works itching, redness or rash.

What is the spray? I'm assuming it's some sort of antihistimine. I'm getting bad rashes since I switched from Mylan to Sandoz. Thanks

What is the spray? I'm assuming it's some sort of antihistimine. I'm getting bad rashes since I switched from Mylan to Sandoz. Thanks[/QUOTE]

Yes, many will use a nasal spray. I would talk to my Doctor first because it's not listed by the manufacturer anywhere. In fact, when I was on the patch, I called the manufacturer to get the free bio covers (for brand customers only) and they took down my information and asked me a few questions. Somewhere in the conversation, I mentioned that I was having sticking issues and someone at my Doc's office mentioned the spray. The lady on the phone went ballistic....She demanded to know who told me that.

It was very obvious they were going to call my Doc, and I told them I couldn't remember exactly and may have read it on line somewhere. They called my Doc and told him that if I wasn't going to use the patch as directed that it should be discontinued and I should be put on something else. I guess it's a liability issue. My Doc laughed it off and told me not to worry about it, but some Docs may not be that accommodating. The whole situation made me mad, to be honest.

BTW, when I called about the covers, they asked me several questions that depending on how you answer them, could cause a similar type experience.



I've been on the Fentanyl Patch for 10 years now. First the Jannsen Brand Name, then the old Sandoz and lately the Mylan. If you look at the outside of the box there is a Customer Service phone #. When I called (both Jannsen and Mylan) and explained my problem with their patch not sticking, they not only took my information and sent me an overlay patch similar to Tegaderm but at absolutely no charge to me for the overlays or the postage. In addition they enclosed a form and envelope so I can get the overlay each time I need refills. I have a little problem with them as they are very sticky and very thin, but it beats paying for the Tegaderm or getting a rash from using Nextag tape around the edges. The CSR's were very nice and helpfull. The rep from Mylan even passed on my complaint about their delivery system not working as well as the gel system. They even sent a written response, saying their is no defect in their patch. Well, you can't expect miracles.

Hope this helps...and pass it on, as in reading the responses I didn't see this mentioned.


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