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Hi There,

I haven't been on here in a couple of years...i went the pain management route for 5 years, got on methadone (with xanax because it gave me serious anxiety) and went through a detox...Long story short I have all those wonderful discs popping out in the neck and lumbar.

MY QUESTION...the pain brought me back to PM. I was taking probably 10 norcos a day....went to oxicodone...decided to get the patch (50 mcg) so I didn't have to take the pills...however, these patches are not covering the pills!

I used to have patches on hand when I wanted to stop the pills. I would just put one on and leave it for 6-8 days and not take pills! I would have a very slight withdrawal after that period and just didn't put on a new patch.
But, this time this Mylan flat patch doesn't cover this and I feel the need constantly (and the pain) to get into the norco or the oxi's ...

This isn't how it has worked before and am curious if anyone here has noticed a serious difference between the brands??

Thanks, Mess

I would post your message in the regular section...More people will see it. I just now saw this for example.

How often are you changing the mylan patch? it' designed to be changed no longer than every 72 hours.


[B]The Fentanyl Patches are designed to be CHANGED every 72 hours (3 days). [/B]I have found they have made a significant difference in my pain levels. Prior to the patch I was taking [B]8[/B] Norcos per day and now I'm down [B]4[/B]. I'm on a relatively low patch - [B]25[/B] mcg per hour.However, I was started on the lowest patch available [B]12.5[/B] mcg per hour and I really didn't find that it was making any significant difference where my pain was concern, I was able to lower my Norco intake to 6 pills a day.

Until I achieved my pain management needs my pain management Doctor saw me every two weeks. At this point it might be a good idea to mention that the 50 isn't making significant difference. [B]At this point your pain management doctor might consider adjusting your dosage to 75 mcg. [/B]We are all different and what works for one person, won't necessarily work for another. You will likely have to take some oral medication for breakthru pain, but you will likely find you're taking less pills. [B] As my pain management Doctor pointed out, with Pain management it is often trial and error until the desired level of relief from pain is reached.[/B]

I hope you get relief from the pain soon. Please keep us posted. :angel:

You're in my thoughts.

~ Fiona Jo :wave:
Hey there Misty,
I have used all the brands of patches and i've found it to be quite the contrary. I actually prefer the Mylan brand patch. I didn't hvae the issues with them sticking like I did the resivior types. Funny thing too, I'm on another chronic pain forum and all of the people that are on there that usd FTD like the Mylan. I guess to each his own...Ray
I too had major problems with the Mylan brand patch when I tried it several years ago. IMO, it was next to worthless. Also recently tried the Teva brand generic matrix patch. Probably a bit better than Mylan, but I am a brand gal all the way. The duragesic brand is far superior than anything else I have tried. I did try the sandoz gel patch for one month and found those to be adequate as well. Nothing works as well as the brand for me!! Good Luck

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