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[QUOTE=schao;4174192]Hi Deb....looks like we're in the same situation. Can anyone help us and give us some advice please??

IMHO, I would stay away from the Miralax. It is polyethylene glycol, which is a cousin of ethylene glycol (antifreeze). However, some have had very good success with it.

There are a number of threads I would highly recommend on the subject of constipation and pain meds:

[*][B][I]"Constipation from Oxycodone"[/I][/B]

Post # 11 by Krit provides info about the antifreeze. Also, there is lots of information about this constipation issue in the thread....A great resource overall.

[*][B][I]"Constipation Help!"[/I][/B]

[*][I][B]"Miralax to use with pain meds"[/B][/I]

I'm a big fan of Metamucil, as you'll see in these threads I've referenced. I take about as many pain meds as anyone, and have absolutely no problems. In fact, my bowel movements are very easy, and I have 2-3 per day. I'm in and out of the restroom in 1-2 minutes...Tops.

I would read the above threads from start to finish....Lots of really good information in them about all sorts of alternatives....You can pick the one you feel the most comfortable with. :)

Please let me know if you have any questions, and best of luck to you.


Miralax is a good choice for folks in pm. I think its a bit more expensive than metamucil and I used it faithfully UNTIL I came on here and tried Ex's recommendation and switched to metamucil. Now I use metamucil everyday and like it so much more because its natural and also helps with my high cholesterol. Read the links she recommended and give it a try. Don't waste the Miralax go ahead and finish it up, but I felt much better about taking the metamucil considering I have to take something everyday, and I do think it's important to use something on a daily basis while on narcotic pain meds. Good luck and I hope everything comes out ok!! ;)


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