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Sorry about your insurance problems, they are always a hassle. Anyway, unfortunately, purdue frederick still has the patent on controlled release oxycodone, which is what oxycontin is which lasts 12 hours. However there are several generics for plain oxycodone and for oxycodone with tylenol, which name brand is called percocet. But even if you don't want the extra tylenol there are several plain oxycocdone pills on the market. However they are all "ir" or immediate release, which means they last 4-6 hours. So if you want to keep an equivalent dose you could have the doctor prescribe a weaker dose of the generic oxycodone but have him make the # of pills add up to a total daily dose equivalent to the oxycontin 20 mg 3 times a day which is 60 mg daily. it should have the same effect, and hopefully insurance will cover it since it's generic. they only drawback is you will have to remember to take your dose every 4-6 hours. Sorry if i'm a little confusing but you can check with the doctor or pharmicist to get more info.

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