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Hell-o and thanks so much again for your reply...I called my PM doctor today and asked to be switched back to the Vicodin ES, they told me he does not switch any meds over the phone, so lucky for me there was an opening today at 3:00. He asked me (mind you I asked for the MRI) if I had it yet and assumed that is why I was back in to see him a week later. I told him No, his office just got my auth today for the MRI and now when I get home I have to schedule the appt. I was honest and direct with him, I told him I do not like the Norco's and that the management he had me on prior to him switching me was working fine and that since my insurance is back in place that maybe I should re-start my injections since they did help somewhat. He told me he doesn't understand why the Norco's arn't as effective as the Vicodin ES...I told him I take them as px, I asked him why he switched it over in the first place since I was on a good regime, he said less tylenol is better, he said it was just all in head, I said's in my back...he leaves the room and said well, lets see what we can do...he comes back in the room with a blank scrip pen in hand and said I could write you the Vicodin ES right now, but I don't think your pharm will fill them with your insurance since you just got the Norco filled and they are the same thing. I still said I did not like the Norco's....his advice was to take a tylenol ES with my Norco's....don't get the refill and he will re-write my Vicodin on my next visit and once my MRI comes back. I said now I have to take 2 pills in place of the one and now my tylenol intake is more than just one Vicodin ES...I understand that they are monitored with the px they write, I pharm even told me he can change your px or have you take more of the I don't get I'm taking 225 mg more of the tylenol than before...he did go on to tell me about the cut backs that are going on with the with pen in hand and a blank script he write me mobic 15 mg, yet another pill....I just don't get, I have my MRI with contrast scheduled for next Tues..and I will do as he tells me...

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