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Hello everyone! First post so I hope I'm putting this in the right place!

I'm a 22yo female and I've had severe abdominal pain for nine months. For six months I also bled so heavily I was on pills to ease the bleeding and iron tablets. I saw countless doctors, had several ultrasounds and a laparoscopy, which was normal. I got told it was stress, as my grandfather passed away, I got told I was going crazy and just wanted to avoid life.

It should be noted that I got a job about a month after it started, which involved a lot of standing. I had to miss quite a few days due to specialist appointments, sheer agony (pap smears would leave me unable to walk), and two weeks off for my operation. So it hasn't exactly been fantastic for my work!!

During these six months I was on 8 panadeine forte tablets a day and had to have heat on my stomach as often as possible, as the painkillers often weren't enough. I can't remember the exact dosage, but it was the highest dose a doctor can prescribe in Australia. I was prescribed various painkillers but panaedine forte was the only other thing that worked.

Finally, I had an Implanon put in, as I was once told by a doctor that the pain had started roughly the same time as my Implanon failed.

For nearly two months the pain and bleeding stopped. YAY. Except then it started easing back in until I was missing days of work due to pain. Finally, I went back to the doctor, who put me on 10mg of endone a day ... which, frankly, isn't enough.

I'm getting a few side effects from Endone - headaches, decreased sex drive, dizziness and nausea - and don't feel like it's doing too much.

Because of the addictive nature of painkillers, will a doctor toss me out of their office if I ask to change specifically to panadeine forte? For the six months I was on it, it got increasingly difficult to get a prescription because they believed I was simply addicted to it (which physically I probably was, but it was still the only thing that would ease the pain).

I've been told by doctors that I self-presribe too much and I worry they'll just toss me out and won't let me have [I]any[/I] pain relief meds.

I have another appointment with a new doctor who specialises in hormones next week but am worried about asking for pain medication straight off the bat.

Is there some sort of protocol when asking a doctor for pain medication? Has anyone else had similar problems to do with people not taking their pain seriously? How do you deal with it?

Is there any other ways of relieving pain other than strong medication that anyone has found? Any natural "cures"?

I've also had problems in my life not accepting that I'm in too much pain to do much else beside work, but I suppose you just keep people around who do understand and won't mind chatting to you when you're a bit whacked out on codeine or morphine, right? :)

Sorry this is so long, hope someone can help me a bit!

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