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Hi Toones, Where you taking the same number of mgs per day back when the MSC didn't work. I took Kadian 3 times a day, 200 mgs TID. Same thing happened to me and I switched to the same dose of generic MSC 3 times a day and felt no noticable difference other than timing needed to be more precise. If that was early on in your pain med trial and error experience and the dose wasnt anywhere near where you are now, I don't see the big deal. Obviously we are all different, but I just don't see how it makes a distinguishable difference to the point were it's the diifference between working or not.

Perhaps their are some Avinza users that can reasure you, but as I recently posted to someone else making a med change and considerng disability, if your thinking disability will be an option simply because you don't like the generic or the alternative meds, that's not going to fly. They are going to ask what changed between last week and this week with ypour physical condition and You need to have a legit reason why yesterday you could work and today you can't. If Disability isn't a concern, Than do what's best for you, however you will be surprised by the power of distraction. Sittting at home in pain is very different than feeling productuive and remaining active.The day goes by quicker when busy and distracted.

Their are so many negative aspects of living a sedentary lifestyle I would certainly give both a chance and see what happens. I only work two days a week and although I have a pump, I take absolutely nothing orally or for BT while at work for 9 hour shifts or 6 hour shifts. I find it too impairing to take breakthorough meds, muscle relaxers and klonopin while at work and when Im buisy it's easy to stay distracted and not even consider taking meds I have available. Getting back to work was the best thing I could have done psychologically . Believe me, Unless you get enough reliefe from your meds to do whatever you want, as in hobbies, getting out of the house, It's a huge sacrifie to go from a life that seems to have meaning and purpose to one that has little more than a great knowledge of the TV line up. Even with several hundred channels at your disposal, it's tough to stay enetertained and distracted and you amay find your pain skyrockets when you have nothing to distract you. Distraction is a potent pain killer.

Sittin at home with nothing to think about other than how you feel is quite depressing and BT meds can easily become part of the routine rather than something you use after a long day at work. Being sedentary, isolated and feeling your not contributing to society was a tough thing for me to deal with and something I envy all those who are capable of maintaing their professions thanks to miracle of modern meds. I felt no difference at all between Kadian and and any other generic shorter acting version of morphine as long as I didn't mess with the interval, Then of course you have to play catch up. But if you sleep longer than 8 hours a night, your luckier than most people that dont have pain issues. You may have to increase the interval if you dose twice a day with kadian, but that's a simple change. 600 mgs of LA morphine is 600 mgs of lA morphine regardles of the manufacturer. I haven't met anyone that truly got 24 hours relief from Avinza, but after 3 or 4 doses at a 12 hour interval the overlap is only going to create marginal differences in serum levels.

Having to stop working due to a change in meds for finaicial issues or insurance issues would be a tough sell to any type of disability providor whether it's private or Social security. They wont see the difference. If you don't need your incomme your very fortunate, but untill you don't have anythng else to do but think about how you feel, it is something you will have to deal with once you make that transition.Going back may not be as easy as you think. Good luck, Dave

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