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Hi everybody,

I started taking Norco 10/325 after having my baby, due to severe joint problems I developed during the pregnancy. I needed high doses for it to work (about 6/day), and I didn't like the side effect of anxiety it gave me. When my prescription ran out, I sought a pain management doctor, and he gave me 120 Percocet, 7.5/325. (I use the generic endocet, not brand name, which was far too expensive.)

To my complete shock, this medication has absolutely no effect on me. It's like I took a sugar cube instead! It doesn't touch the pain, and surprisingly just makes me kind of depressed and tired for a couple of hours. I was under the impression this was a stronger medication than Norco, and one that is often abused, and this is why I am very confused as to why I have no effect from this pill. I made another appointment with my doctor, but they are treating me kind of poorly, like I am some kind of criminal because I told them this medication didn't work. (He's great, but his staff is rude.) In the meantime, before I see him, maybe I should try it again? I've tried it several times now but it just doesn't do anything to me. We also tried switching the brand over to Watson, and it still didn't work. I guess I will have to be going back to Norco, but I really hate the anxiety hydrocodone gives me.

I must take something for pain, because I have a 2-month old baby, and I have to live with my parents so they can help me take care of her, because I'm in so much pain. I'm in physical therapy twice a week, and it is starting to help, but only so much. My PT thinks I have an inflammatory problem, even though a rheumatologist ruled out arthritis. It hurts to walk or go up and down stairs :(

Has anyone had this kind of experience with Percocet? Could it perhaps be the Oxycodone/APAP formulation, and may plain oxycodone be better? Does oxycodone just not work on some people? I tried Googling this and cannot find other people with this same issue.


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