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Re: Norco?
Sep 3, 2012
If you seek help for addiction to 2 norco a day you will get labeled an addict. HOnestly the dose is so low how bad can the withdrawal. Be. It may take several weeks for sleep to return but you could taper off in 10 days and experience minimal withdrawal. ONce you stop taking them or even before you stop taking them find a new PM doc and look into ways to manage your pain aside from opiates. Ive been in PM since the early 90's and they simply didn't give opiates for chronic pain back then. I took 400 mgs of tylenol and 2400 mgs of advil for almost 8 years with no ill effect. I have also stopped ttaking stronger nigher doses of meds after every surgery and never experienced withdrawal. Just come up with a fast taper and stick to it. Something ike 1/2 in the am and a whle on at night , then a half in the am and half in PM, Then just a half in PM and then simply stop. Spend about 3 days at each increment and your done in 12 days with minimal discomfort. It's bnot like you have been taking 100 mgs of morhine 3 times a day for 8 years. It's only hydro and only twice a day.

There are dozens of methods to manage pain and likely some treatment option as far as procedures that could be tried.Not all PM docs willprescribe pain meds and their patients wouldn't stick around if they didn't help or work. Not everyone needs pain meds, I know I tried anything and everything that was offered for the first 8 years of my chronic pain experience and their are probably some newer techniques that could still be tried. They have only used opiates to treat chronic pain since the invention of OxyContin in the late 90 and then it boomed in the early part of the 21st century.People survived and managed without. I still use some of the methods in conjunction with the meds I take and the biggest thing you can do for your self is to excercise. Some of the methods helped, some din't and some not enough.

Your dose is so minimal it's very likely you could find a non opiate method, a different med or combination of meds to help with moderate pain. If you can go all day without the meds, what makes it so overwelming in the morning and at night? Other than that's how you were tought or what you were given to deal with your pain by your GP. It doesn't sound like something a PM doc would prescribe as far as being short acting or such an incrediably low dose. So find a real PM doc, avoid the opiates and try everything else that was used before Norco was passed out like candy to anyone that asked.Most docs still use the non opiate methods that were used for decades prior to OxyC and we have some newer more effective alternative meds for nerve pain and fibro or whatever your condition is, you should at least try everything else you can posibly try before going down that road "opiates".

Dont be afraid of the withdrawal. That's the worst reason in the world to continue to take meds. It's really not that difficult to stop such a low dose. At the very worst you talking about flu like symptoms for a couple days and then having to find a way to sleep without Norco, that will also get better with time. People dont die from opiate withdrawal. Junkies go cold turkey in jail from a whole lot more than your taking and they aren't at risk of death. Alcohol is far more dangerous to come off of due to risk of seizure, but that's not a risk with opiates. Opiate addicts are miserable for a couple weeks when put in jail and then its over. Thats what it's like for a hard core addict. Your hardly in that same position.

If you explained what your pain is from, people could tell you the dozens of other options you have aside from simply taking a narcotic. Good Luck, Dave

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