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Hi dixie, Im so sorry to hear that you are still suffering so much with constipation issues! There may be more than just opiate induced constipation problems which my gastro called a chemical issue because narcotics chemlcally slows peristalsis but also there can be mechanical problems like extensive abdominal adhesions after abdominal surgeries, like my hysterectomy & your gastric bypass & hysterectomy, & adhesions can actually work like a band around the intestines & narrow the passageway so much that bloating happens behind this narrowing & the intestine has to "cramp" to push contents through the narrowed areas, my gastro called it mechanical issues that are keeping contents from passing & recommended a low residue diet for me & also my gastro would need to see me to treat chemical & mechanical constipation issues at the same time, for instance he thinks a relaxed bowel with antispasmodics medicines work to relieve the narrowing caused by adhesions & then told me to take miralax as well & said to take magnesium supplements & emphasized laxatives can intensify severity of my symptoms when the mechanics of the bowel
emptying is partially narrowed or blocked, like bad cramping, that can actually clamp down making passageway narrower & explosive too fast, harsh emptying, bloating gas cramps & also whatever opiate i have to take to relieve my pain he has never tried to change because they all can cause constipation problems & the side effects differ per individual so i would be making an appt to see my gastro asap. Hydrocodone/Apap contains acetaminophen & is usually prescribed for short term acute pain because long term acetaminophen use can hurt liver & kidneys & the new hydrocodone without added acetaminophen is new & brand name expensive. I try to handle things like minor side effects at home but then sometimes its just too complicated & then its time to to get drs help & expertise to help figure it out so i can get some
elief! Dixie i think the drs could really help you with some needed relief, new ideas for treatment, what do you think about seeing the

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