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What's with Mylan?
Dec 15, 2014
I use a Fentanyl patch to control my chronic back pain. I cannot take any NSAIDs due to the stomach ulcer risk they pose. I had gastric bypass surgery 11 years ago and have to take at least double the usual dose if I take oral medication due to the malabsorption that makes gastric bypass work. Try getting most primary care docs to believe that one. I also have a severe allergy to skin adhesives including all Fentanyl patches except the Mylan brand.

In the last 3 years Mylan has raised their price so much higher than Watson and Sandoz brands that most, if not all insurance companies will no longer pay for Mylan. One pharmacist told me their cost for Mylan is double the other two.

I'm moving to Florida from Washington State and looking for a new Medicare advantage plan by calling pharmacies asking if they could get the Mylan Fentanyl for me. After 20+ calls, I've found only 2. One will order them for me if I promise to get all my prescriptions from them and the other will only sell them to me at full price -- $109/month.

I can only hope that Mylan loses enough business to make them rethink their pricing. None of the large chains will carry them. I contacted Mylan regarding an RX assistance program and was told they feel that providing generic products is their assistance program.

Any suggestions?


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