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... Hi there thanks for replying, the Amitriptyline is 25mg. I really dont need it for sleep as I have no problem touch wood sleeping. ... (16 replies)
... Thankfully I am able to see him tomorrow and see what he thinks about the amitriptyline on its own or with something. You were right folks I just cant medicate myself............... and then when things dont work where does that leave me? ... (16 replies)
... Round, I did not take Amitriptyline, but I am taking Oxy. I just can tell you that 10 mg with your pain levels sounds low to me. I am on 20mg every 12 hours (it doesn't last 12 hours though) and Bt oxy usually 2 times a day. I am taking it for 2 weeks only and so far I am very happy. LA meds makes a big difference to me. My PM Dr wants to hear from me a week after he... (16 replies)

... My son used to take Amitriptyline for migraine prevention when he was a child, and it did make him sleepy. I'm kind of shocked that they're using it as a pain med. ... (16 replies)
... Hmm you sound just like me round, trying to play doctor and mess around with my meds sometimes and then it completely back fires on me. I do think that you have built a tolerance to the Oxy. First off you are on a pretty low dose and obviously it is not controlling your pain. Hopefully he will go to at least 10mg 3x/day and see how that does. Maybe he will add in something... (16 replies)
... Round1, I am also glad you made the call. I would actually be very pleased if he increases your oxycontin. As I've said in other posts, as have many others, I really think you are not getting the relief from your current dose because it is way too low for your pain levels. I know you don't like the idea of taking the narcotics, but it may just be the only way to have some... (16 replies)
... Yeah!! I am glad that you are going to discuss this with your PM. That is exactly what he/she is for and you/your insurance is paying him for. I will be praying that you can get all this sorted out tomorrow and am looking forward to hearing the details. I pray that he is compassionate and really listens to you. Good luck sweetie! (16 replies)
... So sorry you don't have the room for the hot tub. If you lived close by I would tell you to come on by. Honestly, I am trying not to complain to much. Lord knows I have cried on everyones shoulders alot in the past and right now I am trying to concentrate on accepting that I will not get better. I am thankful to have pain meds that work and an compassionate general... (16 replies)
... Hi there diet, thats what the Neuro said to me that my back was a mechanical problem and that why he felt the fusion would help my not having movement in it. Then here I am going to physio to get movement back in my back !!! does that make sense !!!. Then I suppose I cant live like a board as that will cause its own problems further up my back. unfortunately a hot tub... (16 replies)
... I would seriously think about NOT dropping the Oxycontin either. But if you do decide to do it then you should go nice and slow and probably go on Percocet for awhile and slowly titrate down. I will tell you if you decide to go cold turkey from 20mg Oxy a day you will be in for some major withdrawal and trust me it is no fun at all. You would be completely out of commision for... (16 replies)
... I am the same way. My nerve pain settles down as a rule if I don't do anything and stay indoors at home but the minute I begin cleaning, walking around the yard or going places with the family that nerve pain skyrockets. I have been told it is mechanical and something is being compressed. (duh!!) Truly work on getting that spa. Hubby and I have no regrets in purchasing... (16 replies)
... I have been reading about its use for migraines, and maybe it is the same way to stop the pain singles going to the brain. I dont know as it is also used as an anti-depressant but seems to work better for stopping pain signal !! dont know. He used the example of someone losing their arm but still feeling the pain of the arm even those the arm isnt there. so it is prescribed... (16 replies)
... Thanks diet, I will start on them tonight, and hopefully be okay for the school run, spoke to hubbie and if i cant drive in the morning, he can go to work late and do the school run. (You would swear I had 10 kids !). The only reason I was thinking of stopping the oxycontin was I felt no great relief pain wise,.......... I feel I could up the 10 mg but where is the level... (16 replies)
... Round1, I would take the med at nighttime. The first couple of days you may have the sleepies in the morning but generally that is very short lasting. Good luck and I hope it helps. I really would think twice about dropping the oxy cause this med is not going to control your pain all day alone. I think the combo of the two is a good idea personally but I would run it past... (16 replies)
... Hey round1, I take amitryptiline along with Oxycontin. I take the amitryptiline at bedtime because it helps me to sleep. (16 replies)
... Yes I have been on it. It is usually given at night to help with sleeping and pain. What dosage did they put you on? It will take a couple of days to get used to but I guarantee you will sleep good. Just watch for swelling if you have any call your doctor right away. I had problems with swelling of the hands and feet with this medication. (16 replies)
... Hi folks, Just want your view on this. I have been on 10 mg of oxycontin and 10 mg 12 hours later........ which doesnt have any effect pain wise. I am now on them for about 4 weeks. My pain management guy started me on them and then to get rehab physio. In the mean time I had to go the rheumy to check out my HLAB-27 positive and he said oxycontin wouldnt do anything for... (16 replies)

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