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... For low cost acupuncture in your area , look for the community acupuncture network on the web - you can search by state to see if there is a clinic nearby. (11 replies)
... Amanda, I think that's a really good idea. I have tried to get him to open up a bit each day, but it is hard after 49 years of stuffing everything inside. He wants to find a way to deal with this, but he just doesn't know how yet. I have to trust that it will come to him in time. Thank you for sharing your story. I remember feeling that way when my dad passed. I just went... (20 replies)
... I don't mean to disagree, but this happens all the time in PM....Especially with new patients. Pill counts are a very useful tool in identifying abusers. I'm not saying this person is, but in general terms only. Good idea on writing out the paper....Documents that you turned them in. I would also re-visit everything with the Doc. However, I would NOT involve the... (14 replies)

... Sorry Amanda, I didn't mean that it was a "bad drug"...It has had a lot of bad press here over the last few yrs and my dr. has told me she NEVER prescribes it. I am in week three of the Dilaudid trial and it is just not working. I have an appt. tomorrow and relate to her some of the information I have garnered from all you fine folks. I hope we came come to a suitable... (6 replies)
... Ok so does this answer my question from earlier today ? How do i taper the percocet 10 after just starting the opana 20mg 2x day. i am taking about 6 percocet a day. Will i have withdrawl symptoms just as if i wasn't taking opana and just tapering percocet ? I am so tired of feeling the WD's after 3-4 hours of percocet i want to be at the point where i dont have to take this... (16 replies)
... Yes, it's pharmacist discretion. Some are super strict and won't fill but every 30 days, or at the end of the previous "days supply", while others fill everything and rarely question scripts. And, of course, each person's insurance is different....Some allow a couple days early as Steve says, while others do not. This brings up a bigger issue, and that is you need to... (18 replies)
... This really concerns me, as I haven't noticed her around either. Amanda, please call in... steve (0 replies)
... I've been thinking about Amanda lately, as I haven't seen her on much at all. Hope everything's ok. :( (0 replies)
Jan 3, 2008
... Amanda, Thanks so much for the quick reply:) Isn't it wild how these experiences can be so common to so many of us? What you've written is very helpful. I have been leaning towards adhesions, as that was the cause of my original bowel obstruction. I didn't mention it, but I've had 2-3 partial obstructions since then that a gastro nose tube and time resolved in the... (6 replies)
Jan 3, 2008
... I called my Pharmacist and he said "Take one or the other NEVER both at the same time". I know Tramadol is also Ultram........Is Vicodin ES also Lortab? Hope (5 replies)
... Amanda, I first want to say PRAISE THE LORD and GOD BLESS YOUR GP for listening to you and treating you with the compassion and dignity you deserve. I am so happy for you. THANK YOU JESUS. Now time for saying thank you. Today has been a horrible, horrible day for me. I posted on the back board. I have been thru h*LL. These words mean so much to me. Thank you for... (14 replies)
... Yeah, that's good advice Butrflygirl posted. He would have had a pre-surgical workup and cardiology clearance for that type of surgery, so unless he has an allergy, Advil, Alleve or Motrin are all excellent adjuncts. The only thing I question is calling the anesthesiologist, although it certainly can't hurt. The reason is the operating surgeon is the shot caller, and because... (27 replies)
Oct 18, 2007
... Jami05 is taking them every 4 hours. From my experience, after a few operations, taking them that often required me to up the dosage by the 2nd day. I assumed that was the norm, but I might be wrong. I didn't consider that it may affect others differently. My Ultram doesn't have Tylenal or advil in it. I can't say if thats always the case. mark (8 replies)
Refill Timing
Oct 1, 2007
... Great! So they have you scrambling, running around town in the midst of witdrawl, trying to get meds? :confused: I can barely function sometimes if I wait too long. Not sure about state law. I asked my pharmacist if the 23 day thing was due to the DEA. He said no, it was the insurance company. I guess I am lucky, relative liberty though my PCP. But I have been seeing... (22 replies)
... The way the time release is as follows-20mg oxycntin releases 10 mg. of oxycodone the first hr,and 10 mg. on the 6th hr.So whatever the dose of oxycontin is,it releases half the 1rst hr. and the other half on the 6th hr. butrfligirl28,I don't know how I missed your reply But you are right. (18 replies)
... Butrfligirl28, I have also had several abdominal surgeries and 1 laparoscopic. I have severe problems, same as you. I also saw the food and the ghost pills, but trust me, they are empty, they can stay in your system 1 hour and still work completely. I was also on the Lotromin for Diarrhea and it did nothing, even taking several at once, However, the OC Immodium DOES... (21 replies)
... Thanks for the help! I didn't know if I was going to get any replies or not. Gabby:) (7 replies)
... Does that mean there is still hope for me? I'm only in my 4th year of searching for a diagnosis.;) (12 replies)
... Thanks Amanda!! I appreciate your encouragement!! I just hope that they can figure out what it is, and if I do have endo, I want to know exactly what my options are first, in order to make a good decision. I don't want the hysterectomy, as I want to have children someday. I love kids, and would love to have them. Hopefully if I do have it, it isn't on my otehr organs. Thank... (46 replies)
... For clarification, did the PM doctor ever make you go without your meds? Or just make you come in every week? Just trying to understand. Thanks![1 WEEK NO MEDS HAPPY HURTING (8 replies)

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