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... Everywhere i read, it says there is codeine in vicodin and one doctor told me that as well. But my doctor says theres not... is there? ... (1 replies)
... How much codeine is in Vicodin? ... (3 replies)
... did she make a mistake. If there is no codeine in vicodin then how could it be comparable? ... (3 replies)

... Hi Sea Lover, Although Vicodin may not be considered one of the stronger meds in the pain management community, If you haven't taken it before, it is a strong med. ... (21 replies)
... is the US version of Tylenol 4. Codeine is found in the opium plant at small percentages, however most Codeine is made from Morphine. This does not mean its as stong as Morphine, in fact its quite a bit weaker. ... (4 replies)
... Was wondering if just plain codeine is ever prescribed and if it has toxicity levels. One of the posts in this thread said that plain hydro doesn't have toxicity levels and was wondering if the same is true of codeine. ... (8 replies)
... Well, like I wrote in my post... I'm in extreme chronic pain, it's very bad. ... (5 replies)
Codeine contin
Oct 12, 2007
... I noticed that you are from Canada. Do they have something up there called codeine contin? ... (6 replies)
... To be technical, codeine and morphine are naturally occuring opiates. ... (4 replies)
... it's not the same as codeine. Codeine is actually a synthetic narcotic. ... (12 replies)
Codiene in Canada
Nov 10, 2004
... pothy where your kidneys shut down from continued use of combination meds just like your talking about. Codeine, tylenol and caffeine were specifically mentioned in the article I read last week. THere are docs that treat IBS with opiates but they may be a little harder to find. ... (11 replies)
... Can you take Vicodin once in a while as pain flares up without withdrawal happening? ... (21 replies)
... for my chronic pain in my foot. I delayed taking it for a few days because I have been worried about side effects like nausea. ... (21 replies)
... Well I am also young, 20 years old, and my pain started when i was 15. Because I was undiagnosed at that age I also was afraid to start using painkillers. I never received the tylenol with codeine because I'm allergic to codeine, but I used all anti-inflammatories, then all the muscle relaxants ever made. Then finally gave in to a small dose of vicodin, and when that didnt... (15 replies)
... As far as the narcotics go, Codeine is the weakest available. It is a very old med and was once a heavily used agent. As a result of many having allergies and etc. ... (9 replies)
... day of codeine is equal to about 36mg of morphine, or 24mg of oxycodone. You are now taking 80mg of oxycodone daily! ... (18 replies)
... The opate in Vicodin sis not codeine, It's a synthetic version called Hydrocodone, Most of the synthetics fall into the same class of meds. ... (2 replies)
... Yes Tramadol does make you feel good. I take it for shoulder pain because my stomach cannot tolerate Vicoden or Codeine and Tramadol does not bother it. I find that I really look forward to taking them and have had to discipline myself not to take it too much. ... (14 replies)
... don't have caffeine. However, in Canada for example, some do. ... (3 replies)
... Codeine for painkillers. Apparently, these drugs caused much distress on my stomach and I had stomache cramps for the following 5 days afterwards. The pain in my stomach was by far worst then any pain in my foot. I had to take Prevacid to get back to normal. ... (6 replies)

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