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Compound Meds~
Feb 10, 2007
... aper and just what the doctor ordered. HaHa I mean just what you need, no compromising. Thanks for breaking it down for me and if I miss 'em let people that want compound meds that putting it in a search engine will give them accreditted national organizations, some will have a locate feature by zipcode. ... (4 replies)
... some other compound pharms may be different, though. I have never asked anything about my meds because they work! IF they didnt, IM pretty much of a detective dog, and id be all over it. ... (36 replies)
... I have been wanting to start a thread about compound meds for some time and I thought today would be a nice change instead of posting about sad things. ... (4 replies)

... You can put compound pharmacy in a search engine and get some national organizations that let you put in your zip and get a list of compound pharmacies near your home. ... (6 replies)
Compound Meds~
Feb 9, 2007
... ibu 7.5 3 times a day. So he ordered me 15 mg of straight hydro. sustained relief 3 times a day. I didnt know that they made or you could compound an extended hydo. Can someone help? ... (4 replies)
... I hope this clears it up for you. Youve asked me twice, sorry but I thought Id answered this before. Strictly preference. Have you ever used compound meds? ... (29 replies)
... My compound meds are 90.00 for 120 tabs. WAYYYYYYY cheaper than the meds from the pharmacy. I was paying 5X that for the same drug there. I am switching everything over, even my thiroid meds. ... (36 replies)
Compound Meds~
Feb 10, 2007
... I would look in to some of the regular compounding pharmacies as the chain pharm. I have gone too have been problems with normal meds much less anything special. ... (4 replies)
... When my doc did up the script he just did it for the same dosage as I had been taking before I started trying the morphine and oxycontin, which was 20mg. per dose straight hydro, and said to take it for 2 weeks then we will evaluate if I may need more or less. I knew that when I was taking the hydro 10/325 it wasnt enough at that time. It is kinda different even though it is... (2 replies)
... Hey Girl! sure did I replied to a thread to direct you to "best doc appointment ever!" I talked about how miraculous God got me my meds in fastest time and with the best, kindest, most compassionate treatment from doc and new pharmacist. It was amazing. ... (2 replies)
Compound Meds~
Feb 10, 2007
... SO I am only taking 3 of these tabs a day, when before i was taking 6 of the meds with the ibu from the big pharmacy. ... (4 replies)
Compound Meds~
Feb 10, 2007
... Izzy's Mom Your idea of compounding the hydrocodone is such a BLESSING!! I have been going round and round with the long acting meds and always saying if only the hydro came with out the tylenol it would be perfect! ... (4 replies)
... I use a compound pharmacy for my hrdro...I get 15 mg Long acting and 10 short acting. NEITHER have ANYthing mixed with them, not even color. ... (13 replies)
... The only reason to not go to oxycodone is that it'sa class 111 med and Oxy is a class 11. A compounding pharmacy can create anystrength Hydro compound you want, But why pay the enormous expense of having a pill compounded for you. ... (12 replies)
... he ordered a compound pain cream i wanted to see if anyone has used these and do they work well and maybe any stories anyone has on this. ... (4 replies)
... I was on 10 mg of hydro for my BT, BUT I was also on 15 Mg of my "long acting" compound meds, which were not the 12 hr LA, more like 2 hrs to hit. The compound "LA" meds are just slow release, but only for 2 hr. the pharmy told me... ... (28 replies)
... I don't mean to doubt you, but I don't think a compound pharmacist can come up with their own time release mechanism. ... (36 replies)
... i did call the doc and tell them about the miss understanding they called back and up the meds to 3 a day not the 4 i was taking. i had the compound cream place call for my ins info i called them and then they couldnt find my script wow now back calling the doc to get that taken care of. ... (4 replies)
... They have given me a compound pain cream with lidocaine, baclofen an antiinflamatory and something to allow it to quickly absorb into your skin. ... (4 replies)
... the only one i have know who knows about compound meds is Izzy's Mom but any others Please help. ... (3 replies)

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