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... is those cortazone shots the same as triger point injections that my dr gives me in my midddle back,lower back and hips? ... (15 replies)
Cortazone Shots
Oct 22, 2007
... How many Cortazone shots is it safe to have ? ... (1 replies)
... I resently had a cortazone shot ib the foot.cause of a ganlony cyst. Is there any side afffects from this. My face is beat red and I was wondering if it was from the shot. ... (2 replies)

Cortazone Shots
Oct 22, 2007
... I believe it is 3 shots in one location in the span on one year. ... (1 replies)
... I have had cortisone shots in my neck and in my shoulder. They both made me feel way worse than the way I was before I got them. ... (15 replies)
... Thanks again shoreline! Its that i just hear so many horror stories about these shots in the back,and i was thinking about requesting them,if comp would pay of course,but even a doc. didn't want me to get them,so i was wondering about them. ... (15 replies)
... Same here, with every shot I have ever gotten. I've had at least 40 in different areas of the body over the years. ICC (2 replies)
... Hi Karen, I know when I have had steroid injections I do get flushed and red in the face for up to two weeks later. (2 replies)
... Hi Daniel, I am so sorry in my heart for all that you are going through. I really feel for you. I know my pain isn't nearly as bad as yours, but I have chronic pain in my foot due to a doctor injecting cortisone into the top of my foot twice. There are times that I am ready to rush to the emergency room because of the pain. I know that doctor hit a nerve in my foot because... (15 replies)
... ARACHNOIDITIES This condition was given to me on FEB/ 25/1998 FREE OF CHARGE by the V.A. from an intern learning how to do epidurals. The solution in the epidural was off label use and is very clearly state on the insert NOT TO BE USED IN THE SPINE. Now I have been thrown into the DARK ABYSS with nothing to accompany me but SEVERE PAIN. For the first 2 years the V.A. did... (15 replies)
... Yeah I was pretty sure TP and Si's were different. I've not really had the TP's but always cortisone injections or SI's as it be right in the joints. I did talk to my Pm today about it and he totally understood why I would prefer not to have them and didn't push the issue at all like some docs have. I've always been told my by rhuemy 3 SI's were the max in any given year... (15 replies)
... Hey Kissa, Instead of just refusing an injection, first be clear on what the injection is. You don't have trigger points in your epidural space, the idea is to inject the corizone "that contains Polyethelene glycol" :yikes: into the space to bathe the nerve roots with a potent anti inflamatory and numbng agent, hence the initial relief from numbing but once the numbing wears... (15 replies)
... Many years ago, after my mother suffered a work-related repetitive stress injury, she went to a pain clinic. The doctors injected her many times, but they never told her what was in those injections. She told me that some of the injections made her problem worse. But the injections never did "cure" her pain. She is still in pain today and wonders what was in those injections. ... (15 replies)
... I agree and that makes a lot of sense. I've run across many doctors who get very upset when you refuse the injections and feel you are being non compliant or are simply a pill seeker. In fact most PM doctors in my area have this as a requirement, nearly forced, hence why it took me years to find someone who didn't have that attitude. (15 replies)
... I think that any doctor who would stop treating a patient or begin to have an attitude because the patient refuses steroid injections is not a very professional doctor. It is the patient's right to refuse steroid treatment, and a good doctor would understand the patient's wishes. I would not want to continue a doctor/patient relationship with a doctor who is not understanding... (15 replies)
... I've been getting SI since about age 18 and on oral steriods since about age 22 intermittently. Started with my shoulders for bursitis, then my knee for arthritis and hip then back and recently an epidural. All of my cartilage that had these injections over a span of 20 years are now is mush, no exaggeration. In fact in 94 when I had an ACL reconstruction the doctor saved... (15 replies)
... Hey STOP, You would have to ask your doc, They all use dfifferent concoctions, usually a combination of a numbing agent and an antiinflamatory, some use steroids some use NSAID's and some use natural NSAIDS., a homeopathic aproach. The reason why a doc may insist you have TP is befcause most are billed at 60 bucks a pop. If she does a half dozen, that turns a regular 60 dollar... (15 replies)
... sotiredofpain, I'm not well-informed about trigger point injections, either. You may ask your doctor what exactly is in the injections. You have a right to know. You also have the right to refuse to have the injections--it is your body and you have to live with the effects of the injections. I think it's awful that your doctor demands that she give you the injections.... (15 replies)
... Shoreline, Thanks so much for posting that information! I hope a lot of people read your message and learn from it. I think that many patients are totally unaware of the risks involved with the injections, and so they fully trust their doctors' advice and agree to have the injections believing that the cortisone will solve their problems. It's devastating when cortisone... (15 replies)
... I've done a half dozen, 3 caused spinal flud leaks needing blood patches, , I stopped when they started making me worse and I was DX with arachnoiditis. Scar tissue that raps into the sub arachnoid layer of the spinal cord. Here is the Burton report if you didn't read it in the other post. An injection into a shoulder or knee isn't as painful because there is room to except... (15 replies)

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