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... uses radio waves and powerful magnets to produce an image. There is a significant difference in the quality of CT and MRI systems. The CT scan is frequently less expensive than an MRI, however, the MRI examination may provide more information than the CT. ... (6 replies)
... Just wondered if someone could help answer what is the difference between the MRI machine and the CT machine? ... (6 replies)
... had ever had the generic, in the past it has always been the name brand, so it has been quite a learning curve. I have also had generic norco, and I did notice a difference between white and the brand yellow, but it wasn't nearly as significant as this difference. ... (23 replies)

... My grandma, who is 90, just recently started having some weird pain in her neck that hasn't been diagnosed. She's had xrays, MRI and catscan, and nothing has been found. But she's in so much pain, despite 2 times a week physical therapy, that she can't turn her head at all. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you both Shore and Kissa. You both provided very good information. As you can see, I did make it through the procedure very well and will only have a slight reminder for about a week that it was even done (gonna have a nice little bruise from the IV). I wasn't scared at all. :bouncing: It was a pelvic scan today to check why I'm having numbness on one side. The... (6 replies)
... gh the donut hole. IF they are doing your head you may feel a little closed in although you can still see the what's going on in the room. I haven't seen an open MRI so I don't know how different a CT would be from that. I would talk to the radiology dept and expalin your phobia. ... (6 replies)
... A Colonoscopy and a Sig are pretty much the same. My aunt is terrified to have hers done yearly, the one who has cancer, her doctor used to keep her awake during them until she insisted she put under and now has no problems. If your doctor refuses to put you under then seek another doctor, it's pretty simple. If your insurance won't cover it then plead your case and generally... (6 replies)
... Colonscopy is another scary word for me. My grandmother has one every year, as well as one uncle and two aunts. The rest go on the 5 year scehdule like you are. Out of the 8 (aunts, uncles, & mother), 2 are completely cancer free and one (my mother) refuses to be tested. My new pcp did mention that to me but hadn't said definitely if she wanted me to be tested yet or not. ... (6 replies)
... There is actually a new MRI out in which you sit upright. ... (6 replies)
... while i know that hydromorphone is the actual ingredient in dilaudid,i am curious about what the actual differences between the oxy M and hydro M are? ... (7 replies)
... hough some docs give every back pain patients Epidural steroid injections and some docs like to do trigger point injections. ZIF you have a visable problem in an MRI or CT that shows inflamation or impingement, a soft tissue injection wouldn't doa thing for it where an ESI would be the tstandard of care. ... (2 replies)
... I get more of a shock wave of pain down leg and get foot cramps (like the ones from swimming in a pool after eating). It usually starts in the lower back as very dull nagging stabbing pain then radiates down slowly, but my PM doctor thinks my MRI of L1, L2, L3, L4, and S1 Bulging isn't that bad so I suffer a lot w/ 5/500 MG of hydrocodone the reliefs me for an hour. Thank... (18 replies)
... Ang I am glad you made it through ok! It really isn't bad except that dye. For what it's worth I was told by my techician this "wetting myself" feeling is completley normal because the dye causes blood to rush to as she called it " our most sensitive areas". I felt it all over, so maybe if you are having a numbness issue this could by why you didn't feel it on both sides? I... (6 replies)
... my doctor first had me on oxycodone/percocet/endocet and that didn't last that long (only for like an hour) and it says on the bottle (take every 4 hours for pain) well now my doctor put me on oxycontin (10mg) and that seems to help a little bit better (a little bit longer) Are both of these pain med's different? (the oxycodone/percocet and the oxycontin) it says on the... (6 replies)
... never really went away, though it didn't get much worse either so I didn't think much about it. My left shoulder was bothering me the most, and I did go for an MRI and to an ortho, who didn't find anything seriously wrong. ... (36 replies)
... Lisa, i'm not getting where you say i stated i didn't need pt, the only thing i stated is that i had to get my dr. to rerefer me as i missed a few appt.s and that is was hard for me to go with out a pain medication that helped with the pain this was causing me, please reread. And as far as medication's i am on the methadone and i'm on Lyrica the most dosing there is and i'm on... (25 replies)
Shoulder pain
Mar 30, 2008
... is just something you always have to fall back on if things don't get better soon for you. at some point here soon hon,i really do think you just need to have an MRI done again on that whole area. from what you are describing,there could be many different issues that could be contributing to your pain process. ... (23 replies)
... substance P is a neuro inflamatory agent that's ony produced through the changes your bodies chemistry undergoes with chronic pain. I think we talked about the difference between chronic and acute pain. ... (0 replies)
... u a little advise. First off, contrast is given through an IV, and while some doctors really like it, others never order it. And I've never been able to tell the difference between an MRI with contrast and one without. It's a doc judgement thing, I guess. ... (7 replies)
... did you actually have an MRI done when it presented itself before? ... (11 replies)

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