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... d just kept putting more morphine in the pump. I finally had enough and found a new Dr. I am pleased with this Dr.'s way of treatment. I now have micro dosing diladid and will need to have the dose increased from time to time, but I have not the side effects because it stays in your spinal fluid. ... (3 replies)
Diladid dosage
Jun 18, 2008
... My wife received two injections of 2mg diladid about two hours apart with the second injection approximately eight hours ago. ... (2 replies)
... if I was looking for drugs since I knew what procedure would quickly get me out of that Hell. After throwing threats at the hospital doc. I got a script for 4mg diladid and need to know after I take the last one when does the horror set in? ... (3 replies)

... ts to go home with, the pills did not cover his pain, we ended up back in the hospital a few hours after we went home. Then they gave him another couple shots of diladid and eventually put a Fentalyn patch on him. ... (8 replies)
... Sorry if I sound ignorant I'm new, but what is your condition 5alpha that requires that amount of daily opiates??? With the knowledge of a future doctor how long can you expect to live taking 60mg of oxy along with diladid?? Now you want special K???? As I understand it opiates absolutely destroy your internal organs. I don't even mean to critisize you if indeed you NEED... (12 replies)
... Duragesic is one of the longest acting pain med set-ups out there. It is good for 72hrs. longer by far than oxycodone or diladid. The one thing I have found out with Duragesic and even morphine (to a lesser extent) is that it has the ability to keep pain in control without giving you a buzz. I live in a lot of pain, but yet Duragesic has the ability to control that pain... (24 replies)
Need new meds
Nov 15, 2003
... About the only thing that might give you better relief than Diladid, would be Actiq. It is in the form of a lollypop and you take about 15mins to suck on it. It contains Fentanyl Citrate and comes in sizes from 200mcg to 1600mcg. When you suck on it 25% of the medicine is absorbed transmuscully (which begins to work in 10 to 15 mins) and then of what you swallow 1/3... (1 replies)
Nov 8, 2003
... besides me. I find it to be VERY good, makes Diladid look like a childs toy. I take 1200mcg and it takes care of my worst BT pain. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Kate, I am hoping that the extra dose of 15mg will be enough so that I won't have to take Breakthrough meds daily. I don't want to be on Dilaudid if the Morphine will work better, rather be on Vicoden. Morphine and Dilaudid together are causing too much constipation even with take stool softeners. Vicoden doesn't cause me constipation, so would rather be on that. My pain... (13 replies)
... So, after being on the MS Contin for almost 2 weeks and Diladid for Break through pain..My Primary decided to up my MS Contin from 15mg 2x a day to 3x. Along with the Dilaudid 2mg up to 3x a day for Breakthrough Pain. Now.. ... (13 replies)
Scoliosis surgery
Apr 30, 2010
... ACCUALLY I AM SORRY GUYS, THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO GO ON THE "BACK PROBLEM" THREADS. But since I have you here, another problem I am worried about, is the way they will put a handle on my pain management after surgery, since I am on such stronge meds. and have been for years. I told you I had back surgery in 2006. Well it was a nightmare. I was vomiting the pain was so bad. And all... (8 replies)
... Okay, some people here seem very confused about the whole Buprenorphine thing. Buprenorphine comes in many forms, like Buprenex for pain and Suboxone and Subutex for opioid depenence (you should never say the word addict/addiction, it's very demeaning because your labeling a person by their illness). In the US, Buprenorphine in the forms Suboxone and Subutex is only FDA... (18 replies)
... PLUS diladid ? ... (11 replies)
Diladid dosage
Jun 19, 2008
... The highest dosage Dilaudid comes in orally is an 8mg pill. Back in December I was on the 8mg pill four times a day, which was upped from last August when I was on 2mg four times a day. However, there can always be a pill developed in a compounding pharmacy, and the doctor would determine how much higher that would go. I know that 4x a day for the 8mg is the maximum... (2 replies)
Diladid dosage
Jun 18, 2008
... A lot more information is needed before any of us could answer that question. Info like, what meds does she take, how much and how often, for how long she's been taking opioids, what the condition is, etc. steve (2 replies)
... When I looked on the internet for info on Diladid I couldn't find anything on 1mg. tablets. They all started at 2 up to 8mg. Is my dr. being overly cautious? ... (6 replies)
... Sorry to hear this about you situation, I haven't been back to report on this topic, but I do have some hope for you. I'll tell you what happened to me and all, maybe it can help you or someone else. #1. I went and talked to my pharmacist, you should be getting your prescriptions of pain meds from the same location every-time. Your pharmacist is paying attention to you when... (16 replies)
... onth to 6.5. this still did nothing for me and I still take the oxycontin 20 twice a day. two weeks ago I had a new drug put into my pump called hydromorphine or diladid as another name. it is flowing at 1 mg per day but i still feel no differnt than without the pump. ... (6 replies)
... If you read my other topic on problems with generic o.c, i was wondering instead of taking oxycodone i.r 15 mg. 2x a day for breakthrough,do any of you's think i would be better off in changing my b.t med. to diladid,lortab ,etc. my base med. i've had no complaints except for the generic version.I'm just wondering if any of you are on oxycotin,and what has worked good for... (4 replies)
... Hey Dave, Well see thats what I thought about the patch. 50 ugh in no where near the end of the road for me dosing wise.Is there actually a roof on how much duragesic can be prescribed? I had thought originally that I would up the patch because I had needed Bt meds more often than not. I guess the dr was trying to scare me with Diladid. I just do not know why though, she... (6 replies)

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