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... They usually would start a patient on pain meds as needed (such as the typical Vicodin or Percocet). However, for chronic/constant pain that doesn't respond to non-narcotic treatments, it will usually best be managed with a long acting plus short acting med combo. This is as when using short term meds to manage constant pain, you get a lot of ups & downs. Short acting... (31 replies)
... for today's for friend, shopping, errands, driving and family visit. ... (32 replies)
... Taking Klonopin and Vicodin wouldn likely be dabgerous, b ut it could make you quite drowsy, so dont do anything like driving or cooking with pot of boiling water etc until you find out how if affects your coordination and reactions. ... (12 replies)

... ars I've been able to keep at least reasonably active, and keep myself in decent shape. But it's progressed to the point where even things like walking my dog or driving for more tham 10 minutes or so will irritate my neck and bring on the pain. ... (12 replies)
... ot to be able to concentrate, focus or function. I have to learn new comp operating systems on a weekly basis and I simply cant do it on orals. I don't even like driving taking orals because i can feel them. ... (4 replies)
... Jdsun...I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better & that your husband was able to talk some sense into you about taking the pill for your anxiety! He is right, you know!? Your Dr gave you the pills to help you, so it is perfectly ok for you to take them. Yes, i can tell that you over analyze everything lol but don't feel bad because i do the exact same thing! Want to... (112 replies)
What do I do?
Jul 28, 2009
... I am having aching pain in both wrists and hands. Now keep in mind that I am on the fentanyl patch and Vicodin for my chronic pain of my feet so this is going to control some of the carpal tunnel pain. ... (15 replies)
... I wrote my previous reply before I saw yours. I don't want to burn any bridges but you're right, I shouldn't have to justify myself. I just wonder if it could be avoided by not telling them I'm even taking it. (22 replies)
... letely different reason that what I had surgery for but the surgery was successful" and leave it at that. You don't have to justify or be made to feel guilty for driving while taking pain meds. I drive every day an I am on the fentanyl patch, Lyrica, Vicodin, for pain. ... (22 replies)
... Hi AB, please don't worry - the test will not pick up fentanyl or anything else you might take unless you regularly use cocaine and they are also trying to make it more sensitive for ecstacy. This is ALL that it tests for. I was actually given a drug test during the trials in Melbourne and had no problems - I did volunteer what I was taking but I later found out that this... (40 replies)
... Drain Bamaged, Thank you for the great post summing everything up! I think perhaps we should leave that as a finishing note :) Jean (40 replies)
... This is my first, and last, encounter with the law. I never thought about what I would do. I am grateful that no one was hurt. I couldn't live with myself if I did something to someone else, no matter what the circumstances. I am sad for your friend, I cannot imagine. I just know that for me, I do not drive anymore if I have taken my meds at all that day. Too much of a... (40 replies)
... 10, No, I am not impaired by either. I have a good eye that I can see 20/20 with glasses. It was a slow progression, so I didn't notice the good eye taking over. And the affected ankle is on the left. I drive with the right foot. I blacked out once before about 7 years ago. A cause was never found following many tests. Then I merely scraped a guardrail close to home, but... (40 replies)
... Ex, The public defender said that there was no point in going to court. If I went, I would get a minimum of 2 days in jail, fines, and 1 yr probation as well as license gone for 1 yr. They said no matter what the level in my blood was they would say that I was impaired. It's a SCH II narc, so they are trying to make some sort of point, I guess. The only way to avoid... (40 replies)
... Were you not able to argue these points in court? Did you have an atty? Amazing that the cop lied...I guess he wanted to ensure a conviction. I've heard too many "cop" stories in my life...Hope I don't come in contact with any..I'd be scared to death. Ex (40 replies)
... Ex, Yes, I scored a 0.00 on the breathalyzer as I knew I would. I thought that I was in the clear as I was on prescribed meds at the prescribed dose, so I told them then. I had the bottle with me and everything. Then this a**hole (sorry) writes in the report that in addition to me taking my meds I told him I take xanax. I have never had a freakin xanax in my life! He... (40 replies)
... Jean- Again, thanks for sharing your story....I think a lot of us can learn from something like this. After the accident, I presume they asked you to take a breathalizer....When you passed it, did the police officer then push for a blood test, or did you admit that you had taken meds? I guess I'm trying to learn the details surrounding the chain of events, if you... (40 replies)
... Ex, I completely agree with you. From the beginning I was treated like a criminal. There are so many things that are wrong with my police report it's ridiculous. For whatever reason, the jerk wanted to find something to hit me with, so he requested a breathalyzer and a blood test. If I had not submitted, they would have assumed guilt and prosecuted as such. Jean (40 replies)
... Thanks for sharing your story.... Just curious....How did they know to test you? Did they ask you if you had anything in your system? Seems like the punishment is overkill to me. I realize the law is the law, and I've been saying just that (in this thread), but you didn't hurt anyone. Most first time offenders who get DUIs for alcohol don't get jail time. Regards, ... (40 replies)
... DB, it is definitely not illegal to drive when taking narcotics in Australia - it is illegal to drive if you are adversely affected by any prescription, OTC med or alcohol. It is illegal to drive under the influence of illegal drugs. It is a fact that many cp patients who are used to their medications drive. Many have no choice. I think you have to separate cp patients... (40 replies)

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