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... view. Unfortunately any drug can affect your driving performance.... ... (40 replies)
... To be honest, it's the 17 hours of driving with a herniated disc that worries me...depending on how long he's been taking the vicodin. ... (40 replies)
... band was injured at work Oct. 1996 and had back surgery March 1997. They waited too long, and now he's screwed. He's got sciatic nerve pain that will probably be with him until he dies. ... (7 replies)

... Hi Sea Lover, Although Vicodin may not be considered one of the stronger meds in the pain management community, If you haven't taken it before, it is a strong med. ... (21 replies)
... states, the definition of a drug is very broad, and typically includes any substance that can affect a person's mental or physical capacities to the extent that driving may be affected. ... (40 replies)
... you are not crazy. If your husband has not been taking Vicodin for an extended period of time, thus allowing his body to adjust and be used to this medication, then it's not safe for him to drive a vehicle. ... (40 replies)
... Thank you so much everyone for your responses to my message. Shoreline, you are extremely helpful with all the info you provided! ... (21 replies)
... r pulled over for any reason and a police officer sees that your pupils are smaller than normal or suspects in any way that you are impared he can arerst you for driving under the influence, It's not just meth, It's any prescription drug that causes CNS supression. ... (3 replies)
... I take vicodin daily and it has never made me tired, drowsy or interfered with my driving. ... (40 replies)
... Many of us may think that the meds don't affect us, but in reality, they do....More than we care to admit, or realize. Driving long distances is already tough enough....The effects of meds can be the differentiator... ... (40 replies)
... I've read several posts here where members seem to be quite experienced with pain management. I'm glad to see that the efforts toward healing and relief seem to be working. ... (10 replies)
... n accident, and taken to the hopital by ambulance, They will do a tox screen. They won't wait untill your renewel date to take action either. You will be charged with DWI or DUI , whatever your state calles driving under the influence. ... (8 replies)
... ybe I'm not the poster child for sober driving, but I've never had a problem, caused an accident, received any type of traffic violation, or anything relating to driving while on pain medication. ... (40 replies)
... He's crazy. He shouldn't even be driving 17 hours without meds, much less with them. ... (40 replies)
... My husband wants to drive 17 hours to Florida for a vacation with a herniated disc. His doctor prescribed vicodin for the pain and he believes after taking the vicodin, he will be able to make the drive with me, our son, and the son of a good friend as passengers in the car. ... (40 replies)
... well i for one love the pain relief i get with the vicodin. it is simply hydrocodone and tylenol. when i first started on pain meds i was given ultram and unfortunetly was allergic to it. ... (8 replies)
... with morphine, clear head,more energy,motivation, better labido, and the initial drowsiness of morphine wears off after dose increases and then your simply left with relief and constipation. ... (7 replies)
... for other people and their families... I am working dilligently with not driving.. ... (40 replies)
... I am in Australia and as far as driving under the influence at least in Queensland they have just resently came up with a test for drugs on the side of the road. In the introdutory advertising they have anounced that it only picks up ileagel drugs not any under prescription. ... (40 replies)
... Interesting....I did not know this. Regards, Ex (40 replies)

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